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Silicon Valley

It is where we originally started with 20 executives attending our first event on Alternative Means of Payments for Merchants with BillMeLater and PayPal. Stanford was a great place to start.

San Francisco

It is where we did most of our events recently. With all that happens here, we don't lack topics that are giving some lights on the future of payments and commerce. We started there our first Fireside Chat now called BayPay Speakers Series to share experience and inspire.

Los Angeles

We have done many events on Mobile and the future of entertainment. We will work harder on this chapter as there are so many companies in this thriving city.


A big portion of the US card transactions is processed here. We started in 2015 in this city and have a great group of executives to manage the chapter there..


We did several events last year including one on the impact of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on the Canadian banking system. All the banks are in a 2 block radius so it is easy to meet everyone.


We started 4 years ago our first Innovation Day there with our The US Meet Europe on Innovation in Payments. It is time now to have more events than our annual regular event.


After Paris, we started 2 years ago our London Innovation Day. Like Paris, we will organize more events this year in London.


We signed a partnership with KPMG in Luxembourg where we will focus on Innovation in Fintech. It will be the opportunity to meet many local banks and startups.

NEW* Amsterdam


Watch out for BayPay events
coming soon in Amsterdam!



NEW* Dubai

While there are plenty of one-off annual conferences in Middle East on payments or fintech, we do not see a forum where members can have regular events that bring the industry participants together and improve the understanding on both sides. We believe that a forum that brings together these two sides to exchange ideas and co-create win-win solutions is lacking. And we want to facilitate this.

NEW* Las Vegas


Watch out for BayPay events
coming soon in Las Vegas!



NEW* Arizona


Watch out for BayPay events
coming soon in Arizona!