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With your support and other passionate executives, we can bring the latest trends and business opportunities to succeed in a thriving environment - or, just to network with peers.

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Why we are here

Executives at established companies are often isolated in their day to day.

Entrepreneurs have difficulty meeting these executives.

We create the opportunity for them to meet and build relationships to potentially work together.

Curated Executive Mixers

In just a few hours, you can meet many other executives like minded who otherwise would have been difficult to meet.

Because most of the people are local, you can meet them the following day or week for a follow up.

Thought Leadership Series

We invite successful executives and CEO/Founders to share their experience and inspire our community.

Thought Provoking Presentations on Latest Trends

We invite analysts and executives to share their knowledge on what is shaping our market and what is coming.


Interactive Panel Discussions

Our panel discussions are made of leaders in the industry creating a deep dive into specific topics. These events are very interactive because attendees have also opinions on the subject discussed for the benefit of the whole audience.
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All Business

Our events are opened to everyone but are not for everyone. Do not expect an overview of a topic. You will be amazed at how you think after attending several of our events. It will change your vision of the world.

Payments, Commerce and Fintech Demo Days

We invite startups and sometimes established companies to demonstrate their latest innovations in our industry.

Startup Mentoring, Training and Introductions

Because of the deep experience of many of our members, startups can get a better support within our network.

Live Streaming of Events

We all have busy lives in this industry so attending an event is often not an option. Our live streamed events give the opportunity to learn but also to interact with our panelist or presenters.



A Global Network

Started at Stanford in 2005 in Silicon Valley as a meet up, we created a global community with the realization that
Innovation was not restricted to the SF Bay Area.

We opened chapters in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, London, Paris, and other cities
with the support of executives volunteering to be closer to their local community.


We provide useful resources for startups and businesses to save time and money.
Most are FREE for everyone to enjoy and some are reserved to our premium members.

Worldwide Calendar of Conference (FREE)

This calendar is very useful for any marketing teams to identify all the conferences around the world in Payments, Commerce and Fintech. If one is missing, you can also add it yourself for the benefit of all our members. Read more ...

The Checkbook (Facebook for Payment Professionals) (FREE)

We organize many events for people to meet and build relationships but sometimes people are too busy to attend. We have created the Checkbook which is an online social network where you can invite them and make friend, share opinions and even chat live. You can also populate your profile with photo, bios etc so people can find you or search by a center of interest. Check it ...

Save Money on Conferences (FREE)

We know conferences are expensive for startups teams and executives. We negotiate discounts for you so you can save thousands of dollars a year. This service is free and available to everyone with a free account. If you want to go to a conference and do not see a discount, let us know in advance and we will negotiate it for you. Read more ...
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Video Library

If you missed an event, do not worry. You can watch or listen to our past events directly from our site for a small fee or for FREE when you are an online member.

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Our network is opened to everyone interested in Innovation in our industry. If you like what you see, consider either registering to our mailing list or become a free or premium member.

Member Blog (FREE)

You can express yourself here and make a link to your own blog if you have one. We are here to help foster innovation and spread the word. To avoid spamming, we now curate the blog as some less nice people try to take advantage of our generosity. Read more ...

Latest Member Press Releases (FREE)

Innovation is never ending so our members can post their press releases here either manualy or we can automate the process to save them time. You can read them when you want and even subscribe to receive them automatically by email. Read more ...

Latest News (FREE)

We are in a thriving industry and the news are all over the place. We are curating some news for you on payments, security, Mobile, crypto-currencies and blockchain, etc. You can read them when you want and even subscribe to receive them automatically by email. You can access them from the menu at the bottom of every page of our site. Read more ...