We are building the first international network of payment and commerce executives focused on Innovation

Our events focus on business opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups and established companies

BayPay Events

We organize many events to give you the opportunity to learn new trends on payments and commerce innovation. You will meet other like-minded executives to discuss these trends.

It is a unique place to meet in one evening or morning other people interested in the same topic to engage in business partnerships in a face-to-face environment.

Sponsored Events

There are many conferences around the world focused on payments, commerce, banking or fintech. We have negotiated discounts with many of them so you can attend more conferences each year.

This is a free service so enjoy it and let us know if one conference you are interested in is not on there and our team will take care of it.

Conference Tickets Auction

At BayPay, we also innovate. We created the first auction platform for conference tickets.

You can now chose how much you want to pay to attend a conference. We are still in beta but the tickets are real.

Monthly Calendar of Events

We have compiled for you thousands of conferences around the world which are all payments or commerce related.

You can use this as a resource to plan your year to attend, speak or exhibit in front a small or large crowds.


Our Process

We analyze trends

We organize one or a series of events whenever we see friction or need for solutions

This can result from changes in regulation, the emergence of new technologies available, the rise of a new generation of businesses with new requirements or simply shifts in consumer or business behavior that require new ways to trade or engage in commerce

Our Model

We follow the concepts of Lean Startup and Customer Development

We built a freemium model to provide most of what we do for free

We have created Premium Membership levels for executives or businesses that want more value than the occasional attendance of events

Where you can find us

We have several well established chapters like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Atlanta already

We are opening chapters in new cities like London, Paris, Luxembourg to bring our thought provoking events closer to you to learn and network with your peers in your community

Silicon Valley

It is where we originally started with 20 executives attending our first event on Alternative Means of Payments for Merchants with BillMeLater and PayPal. Stanford was a great place to start.

San Francisco

It is where we did most of our events recently. With all that happens here, we don't lack topics that are giving some lights on the future of payments and commerce. We started there our first Fireside Chat now called BayPay Speakers Series to share experience and inspire.

Los Angeles

We have done many events on Mobile and the future of entertainment. We will work harder on this chapter as there are so many companies in this thriving city.


A big portion of the US card transactions is processed here. We started in 2015 in this city and have a great group of executives to manage the chapter there.



We did several events last year including one on the impact of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on the Canadian banking system. All the banks are in a 2 block radius so it is easy to meet everyone.


We started 4 years ago our first Innovation Day there with our The US Meet Europe on Innovation in Payments. It is time now to have more events than our annual regular event.


After Paris, we started 2 years ago our London Innovation Day. Like Paris, we will organize more events this year in London.


We signed a partnership with KPMG in Luxembourg where we will focus on Innovation in Fintech. It will be the opportunity to meet many local banks.

Contact us if you want to be involved in animating a chapter where you work or live

That's not all

We are building technology behind the scene to help us do what we do

This technology can be white labeled to other organizations that want to organize events for their own activity

The last feature we developed was an auction platform of conference tickets that integrate payments

The next one is the Live Streaming of our Events that will allow members of our new Online Membership level to see all these events for free

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