First event at Stanford

We went a long way since our first event at Stanford. From 20 executives in the room, we have grown to over 17,000 in the Bay Area, around the country and internationally.

We have opened several chapters with the support of other passionate executives to bring to people the latest trends and the business opportunities to succeed in a thriving environment.


Innovation has already destroyed many companies like Borders, Tower Records, Blackberry, Nokia, etc. The evolution of commerce, consumer and business buying behavior create new opportunities for the payment industry.

Attending or watching BayPay events will give you the competitive edge to anticipate disruption and connect with like-minded executives close to where you live, work or travel on a regular basis.

Essential for Business

We could look like many meetups here and there but our focus on changes in regulation, technology and investments to discover new business opportunites makes us a great tool for executives to boost their strategy, products, career or business and personal network.

You can help us do more in becoming a premium member or in sponsoring BayPay events. Our dedicated team is here to help you.

Join Thousands of Payments, Fintech and Commerce Executives and Entrepreneurs

Build relationships in your community and when travelling

We also Innovate


New Concepts

We created the first auction platform for Conference Tickets ending every Friday at 10am California time.

Speed dating during a BayPay event of 120 face-to-face meetings between startups and investors and corporations.

Live Streaming

Most of our events are now live streamed so if you can't attend, you can still learn about new trends in our industry while commuting, from the office or from home on your computer or mobile device.

Our Technology

We started as a meetup using Eventbrite, Constant Contact and a few other tools but to do all the things we wanted to do like creating an international community of executives, creating memberships with automatic discounts and numerous benefits giving access to more content, integrating a CRM with a customer service directly connected with Slack, email or even Facebook Messenger, we had to develop our own Technology platform. We are pleased to now make this technology available to associations or companies that want to leverage our know how and technology to create their own community. This Community as a Service platform is available at as a SAAS and managed service. Take a look.

Many Features

Our platform allows us to display content based on the level of membership, provide manual or automatic discounts based on profiles, display the list of attendees before the event to social and busines members, display the edited video of an event only to registrants of the Live Streaming of that event or the Online Members, and many other goodies.

Why Join BayPay !

If you come as an executive or as a company, we have benefits for everyone.

For Executives

Build your Network

We create many opportunities for you to network with peers in the Payments, Commerce and Fintech industry

Understand the Trends

Don't be left behind and get the trends explained by the people making them

It is all Business

You should be able to expense our tickets and memberships so your company can reimburse you. Think of us as an always on conference close to where you live and work.
Become a Member


For Businesses


We offer many sponsorship options from adverstising to more custom programs

Customers & Prospects

Invite them or even prepay their tickets and spend a few hours with them to strengthen relationships. They will appreciate and thank you for this.

Invest in your Team

Innovation is a key factor of success if not one of survival. Attending BayPay events is a cost effective way to open their minds and connect with the rest of the community. Now you can prepay tickets or memberships for your team.

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We have chapters around the world.

If you can't find one near you, maybe you can start one with us.

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