Simple Plans to Start Your Membership

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Executive Membership


This Executive Membership is for executives who want to meet with peers to build relationships on a regular basis and expand their network in face to face meetings.

With this membership, you get priority to attend our events.

You get a warm introduction from The BayPay Forum to one of our members.

You receive our daily news of curated articles on Fintech, Payment, Commerce, Regulation and Innovation in our industry.

You also get one invitation to an online session with other members on the topic of your choice assuming enough people are interested in participating in this topic.

Business Membership


This Business Membership is for companies that want to help their executives broaden their knowledge in our industry and make new connections.

With this membership you get 2 Executive Memberships for the executives of your choice. See Executive memberships for benefits details.

You get an additional warm introduction from The BayPay Forum to one of our members.

You can provide us with news about your company once a month that will be publish on our website and in our daily newsletter.

You get once advertising insert in our daily newsletter for the year.

Easy cancellation

The membership has a duration of 12 months starting at the date of payment and is renewed automatically.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time before the renewal date of the next period by sending an email to saying you want to cancel and we will take care of it. No strings attached. Your membership will stop on that date, and you won't have access to any benefits after that date.

Your company can pay for your subscription in advance so you can enjoy your membership. Ask them to contact us.

We don't refund memberships, but let us know at least one day in advance before your next payment so we can stop your subscription on time.