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In the future, every company will become a Fintech company and Innovation is accelerating in this industry.

Developing internally is becoming more and more challenging to keep up with the market demands. We believe in partnerships between startups and established companies. The BayPay Launchcast allows you to discover new products and services in Fintech.

What will happen during the 30-minute online presentation?

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You will know in 3 minutes if the solution presented is for you or not so you can keep doing what you are doing that day.
The Presentation

15 min PRESENTATION & 5 min DEMO

If you are interested after the 3 min pitch, you will have a 15 minutes presentation and a 5 minute demo for a more in-depth understanding of the company and its product or service.

7 min Q&A

After the pitch, the presentation and the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.


Wednesday March 25, 2020

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (PST)
Danielle Pensack, Co-Founder at Rightfoot.com
Rightfoot helps companies differentiate and grow by tackling Millennials' #1 problem: student debt. Rightfoot streamlines the student debt repayment process across a market of fragmented loan servicers in the US, and exposes our APIs so FIs can add student debt repayment as a feature of their app. For example, an FI could enable users to send their automated budgets or a percentage of their paychecks directly to their highest interest student loans all from within your app, saving them thousands in interest.
Stanford MBA graduate and Co-founder of social impact startup Rightfoot. Passionate about bringing opportunity to underserved populations. After graduating from college, Danielle moved to Singapore for her first job, despite never having visited the country. She took on a regional role in my her year of work and led technical teams to creatively solve client problems. Dani worked on banking projects in Singapore and Thailand, and a pro-bono assignment in Ecuador at a food bank. After four years at IBM, she realized that helping people is fundamentally what drives her. Then she launched Rightfoot with a Stanford classmate to leverage technology as a force for good.

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