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Tech Outlook for 2017 - What's Coming (2016)

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  • Release Date: November 09, 2016
  • Topics: Panel, Trends
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The Tech companies have been very active in 2016 to disrupt or partner with banks and financial institutions to bring more value to segments of the market that needed it even if they didn't know it before it was available. But similar observations can be made about other industries, such as healthcare and the media.

In this new event in Los Angeles hosted in the headquarters of City National Bank, we will discuss the major trends that happened this year in financial services, healthcare, media and other industries, and project ourselves into the future with experts in the field to have a better understanding of what is coming our way in 2017.

We will look into the investment side to see what ideas and projects have been funded during the year, what is not and where there is lack of offers in areas not well addressed today.


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