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The EU Startup World Facing Regulation Changes and Leveraging ICOs (2017)

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In this special event focused on the Startup World in the EU, we wanted to get first hand experiences from Incubators/accelerators and startups coming to the EU from other countries. We will have also a detailed explanation on how DomRaider raised 56 M€ (~ $67M) with its ICO, a new phenomenon helping entrepreneurs raise money from non institutional investors and VCs.

What entrepreneurs don’t realize is sometimes the huge differences existing between their country of origin and the EU. It was less of a problem in the past for any business but for Fintech companies, it has always been the case and the differences are getting bigger.
In this event, we will learn about the new regulations coming quickly to Europe: PSD2 and GDPR. These two should be understood not only by European companies and foreign companies coming to the EU but by any company doing business even online or through mobile apps with EU citizens.

We have organized this session into 3 parts:

- Part 1 will be an explanation of what PSD2 and GDPR are from a legal standpoint and the risk for startups and established companies not to comply.
- For Part 2, are ICOs the right thing for your startup or established company? We will go through the criteria to create a successful ICO, what type of companies can succeed, and how to best prepare your ICO based on real cases.
- For Part 3, we will have a panel of entrepreneurs sharing their experience coming to Europe from another country.

This session will be Live Streamed so people outside of London or not being able to join the attendees will be able to ask questions to the panelists online.


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