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BayPay Thought Leadership Series with Barry Katz, Professor at California College of the Arts - August 24, 2017 - Palo Alto, CA (2017)

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At The BayPay Forum, we believe that one reason banks are losing ground in certain areas of their business against startups is because of a lack of understanding of the user experience expectation. Startups are focused on making the customer journey a great experience to eliminate friction in the process. Some successful Unicorns have now a Chief Design Officer. Even VCs have partners now with a Design background.

Design is becoming a competitive advantage.

For this event, we have invited Barry Katz (detailed bio below). He is not a Financial Services expert nor a Payment aficionado but rather has spent his whole career on Design. He is Professor of Design at California College of the Arts and Consulting Professor in the Design Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Stanford University. Outside of academia he is a fellow at IDEO, Silicon Valley’s leading design and innovation consultancy, and at the i-School, University of Tokyo.

This invitation came after reading Barry's book “Make It New” and after realizing that the process and its evolution over the years in Silicon Valley detailed in his book would apply perfectly to the financial industry now.

In this Fireside/Thought Leadership Series event, we will try to better understand the history of Silicon Valley Design, how even companies like Apple evolved over time to integrate Design very early in the process and the lessons learned that could apply in the Fintech industry.

This event should be interesting not only to senior executives in Silicon Valley but also others located in other parts of the country or in other countries. To give them access to the content of the event and even ask questions, we will live stream the event and will have an edited version later that all our Online Members will be able to enjoy freely.

If you are managing product teams or are part of CTO offices or building new products, you don’t want to miss this special event to open your eyes to one of the things that made Silicon Valley so successful. The moderation will be done by our Managing Director, Daniel Chatelain.


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