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BayPay Thought Leadership Series with David McHenry, Head of Global Treasury and Payments Advisory at Silicon Valley Bank - UK (2017)

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Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is well known in Silicon Valley for banking VC backed companies and helping early stage companies get the funding they need to grow their company and realize their vision (over 30,000 of them) even if it is to disrupt the banking system. They grew from a local bank to an international bank with offices in China, Israel and the United Kingdom.

For this event, we have invited David McHenry, Head of Treasury and Payments of SVB in London, to share his American perspective on the banking and Fintech ecosystem in Europe and how different it is and will remain in the future compared to its equivalent in the US. Before being stationed in London, David was in Silicon Valley so he has a deep knowledge of both worlds.

This event will be Live Streamed (FREE for Online Members) so it will be the opportunity for BayPay members who won’t have the opportunity to be with us in London to still watch the event on the BayPay website and ask questions remotely through our chat system. We welcome also any executive who wants to learn and network with peers in Payments, Commerce or Fintech.

If you are in London, put this event on your agenda or even better register now to not miss this unique opportunity.


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