Our Corporate Premium Membership

Be a part of our growing network of thousands of Payments, Fintech and
Commerce Executives, and Entrepreneurs

As a company, you can prepay a certain number of individual memberships in advance
and give it to employees, customers, partners who could benefit from the membership.

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The Pitch

Build Your Professional Network

Our industry is built on value, security and relationships. Join The BayPay Forum to accelerate your adoption and growth in this already well established but changing industry. You don't want to be left behind.
The Presentation

Expand Your Knowledge

In being exposed to the latest trends in Payments, Commerce and Fintech, you learn this industry to become an expert outside of your day to day work.

Advance Your Career

It is often not in your office you get the best imagination. We offer the opportunity to open your mind to new ideas. Bring them back to your team and show your leadership.
Premium Membeship

Premium Membership Inclusion and Perks

All Online Access

You have an all access to all our Content and Presentation Live Streamed events for 12 months starting when you become a member.

Video Archived Library

These event videos are also available in our Video library specially created for our Online Members. They can be purchased individually or accessed freely for 12 months after becoming an online member.

Curated Networking

In just a few hours, you can meet many other executives like minded that otherwise would have been difficult to meet. Because most of people are local, you can meet them the following day or week for a follow up.

Conference Discount

We negotiate with conference organizers discount for our members. This can save you a lot of money if you go to conferences regularly.

Premium Benefits

Our premium members are offered with special discounts from our partner companies such as Brex and WEWORK.

Expand Your Network While Traveling

If you are traveling, you can meet many local executives in the visited town. This memberships is not limited to where you live or work but is worldwide.

Stay Connected To The Latest Trends

Most of our content events are Live Streamed now directly on our site so you don’t have to download any software on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

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