Mark Schulze-The Future of POS-March 9, 2015

Mark Schulze, Co-Founder at Clover Network


Mark's Bio:

Prior to Clover, Mark was a founder of measurement and Ad Technology company Quantcast, now serving over 20 billion of impressions a day across 40,000 network publishers.

Before Quantcast Mark ran product and engineering for, an IAC company.

Starting his technology career in 1995, Mark ran several groups at AOL including AOL Shopping and AOL Small Business before leaving for Intuit. At Intuit he spearheaded Intuit’s first foray online, building the personal finance site before leaving for AltaVista.

Mark is also a Limited Partner at various VCs and a mentor at France Telecom’s Orange Fab.

Product focused, building terrific customer and merchant experiences is what drives Mark.


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