Zakya launches in India

Zakya , the modern retail POS built specifically for small and mid-size retail businesses, has launched in India

Zakya , the modern retail POS built specifically for small and mid-size retail businesses, has launched in India. According to the announcement, Zakya provides businesses with a modern retail POS to manage and run their end-to-end operations every day.

Zakya was opened for early access over the last six months and worked closely with different business types to understand their needs and identify gaps. Currently, more than 170 early adopters are using Zakya for their everyday operations. Zakya is active in more than 320 registers and has crossed more than 12 Lakhs in bills created.

Zakya found that retailers in India face challenges like complex implementation cycles, repeated new employee training due to churn, and a huge technology barrier keeping them locked out from taking advantage of technology. The firm is set to address these challenges by making sure retailers can be up and running within one hour of implementation. Moreover, Zakya seeks to eliminate the learning curve.

Being a cloud and mobile-native application, Zakya aims to break technology barriers for retailers in India. Key highlights of Zakya POS billing app: Zakya comes with a front-end, desktop POS application to help staff bill their customers in their own language, or a language they're most comfortable with, to help them physically check out from billing counters. Apart from English, Zakya supports 10 Indian languages, such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati.  Zakya helps sell better through multiple channels, including in-store, online, and mobile: Zakya was built to function as a single solution to help increase in-store sales while also allowing it to extend beyond a physical store.

With Zakya, users can create a digital and online presence and build a well-established website without the need for any extensive training.  Payments: Zakya will allow users to accept payments in multiple ways and manage them all in one place. Customers can pay via cash, card, UPI, or even through a credit sale; they get more convenient payment options, and businesses can focus on customer satisfaction.  Zakya Mobile Store: the Mobile store helps businesses increase their reach beyond a physical store. It will help bring the business to customers' phones.

Customers will be able to buy from your store from the comfort of their homes. Customers can also choose to pick up their orders from the store, pay at the store, or get their orders delivered to them.  Ready-to-access business reports: Zakya's reporting helps see how the business is performing. Learn what items are top sellers, view the item ageing summary to check which items are expiring sooner, and track sales, inventory, receivables, payments, purchases, and more.

Audit logs and user activity-related reports are also available.  Offline billing and faster checkout time: Users will also be able to bill customers when their internet connection is interrupted or down; data gets synced automatically to the main database once the internet connection is re-established. Zakya allows businesses to go one step further and handle festive rush or peak hours through a new-gen mobile billing experience. They can scan item barcodes via your mobile device's camera and bill your customers on the go.

This helps you expedite billing and reduce overall checkout times. .

Feb 28, 2024 14:50
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