Worldline introduces Consulting Services

Worldline , a global payments services provider, has introduced a dedicated Consultancy Service for its ecommerce customers

Worldline , a global payments services provider, has introduced a dedicated Consultancy Service for its ecommerce customers. The Worldline Consulting Services team seeks to deliver consulting services to improve the performance of online payments, optimise processing costs, and maximise online sales. With the rapid evolution of technology, payment systems have undergone significant changes, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with the latest trends.

Worldline’s Consulting Services aims to improve understanding, harness revenue benefits, and elevate payment operations. This could be effective in optimising operations in existing markets as well as identifying new markets where cross-border transactions and revenues are rising rapidly. The team of consultants, located across the globe, allows Worldline to add consultancy services on top of transactional processing. This is intended to be a move away from the traditional plug-and-play model most industry players offer.

Three key offerings brought by the service: Solution design and checkout user experience: a team creates a frictionless customer journey to improve the online consumer checkout experience. Worldline also keeps customers up to date with the latest market trends and invites them to join product pilot programs.  Online payments authorisation rate optimisation: a team of experts deep dive into customers' payment data and analyse the accounts setup, credit card BINs, rejection codes, and other data points to improve payment performance. Consultants benchmark the performance with other players in the same industry and leverage the data from all the different stakeholders in the online payments value chain to maximise the authorisation rates.  Multi-currency pricing and FX management: this service allows customers to price goods and services in foreign currencies (around 150) while continuing to receive settlement and reporting in their home currency.

This can also include services like guaranteed FX and tailored consulting services. The press release highlights that by utilising the combined expertise of these three teams, customers can benefit from the global players in the payments industry in a structured manner. Taking a blended approach of software technologies and payment experts would enable Worldline to be close to its customers on their journey, advising on local practices and regulatory challenges.

About Worldline Worldline seeks to help businesses of all shapes and sizes accelerate their growth journey quickly, simply, and securely. With payment technology, local expertise, and solutions customised for hundreds of markets and industries, Worldline strengthens the growth of over one million businesses around the world. .

Sep 26, 2023 15:04
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