VyStar Credit Union joins NCR Atleos ATM network

Banking solutions provider NCR Atleos has announced that VyStar Credit Union selected its Allpoint ATM network to support its expansion across the US

Banking solutions provider NCR Atleos has announced that VyStar Credit Union selected its Allpoint ATM network to support its expansion across the US. As per the information detailed in the press release, VyStar Credit Union selected Atleos’ Allpoint ATM network to expand surcharge-free access to cash for members at locations across the region and assist its ongoing development.

VyStar Credit Union – NCR Atleos collaboration objectives As the credit union aims to continue its expansion across the US, it requires a strategic physical infrastructure that can support its increasing member base. By entering the Allpoint Network, an independently owned retail ATM network, VyStar focuses on allowing members to access and deposit cash at convenient locations where they live, travel, and shop. According to VyStar’s officials, the credit union is currently expanding its member access to financial services by joining the Allpoint network, which makes more than 40,000 ATMs available surcharge-free to its users across the country at no cost for the latter.

As the Allpoint network operates across the US and in more than 10,000 international locations, it is set to increase VyStar’s capability to improve access and offer more value to new and existing members. Representatives from NCR Atleos underlined that, as the credit union continues its development strategy, the company’s Allpoint network intends to provide an efficient and reliable manner for VyStar to expand member access to cash. The company aims to closely collaborate with the credit union as it enables its members with convenient cash deposit and withdrawal capabilities while extending its brand and presence in communities across the Southeast region. Through its technology and global services operation, NCR Atleos focuses on optimising the branch, enhancing operational efficiency, and maximising self-service availability.

The company is committed to expanding financial access by shifting transactions to the self-service channel and allowing financial institutions and retailers to utilise its ATM network. NCR Atleos’ recent developments In addition to the current announcement, multiple companies have recently joined NCR Atleos’ ATM network, including Fiserv. At the beginning of February 2023, the company expanded its CheckFreePay network for in-person bill payments to NCR Atleos’ ATMs, allowing consumers who prefer cash to pay an array of household bills at several ATM locations, including retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies. During the same period, Banco Sabadell chose NCR Atleos as its ATM network partner to provide its customers with convenient and secure access to cash and financial services outside of its branches.

At the time of the announcement, Banco Sabadell customers were set to be able to transact with over 1,400 Atleos-owned and operated ATMs in Spain in trusted retail locations, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and shopping centres. The bank intended to minimise complexity and increase operational efficiency, while also offering availability and access for customers. .

Feb 29, 2024 09:25
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