Surfboard Payments expands into online payments

Sweden-based Surfboard Payments has launched a new omnichannel solution designed to cater to merchant's payment needs for online and in-store payments

Sweden-based Surfboard Payments has launched a new omnichannel solution designed to cater to merchant’s payment needs for online and in-store payments. By bridging the gap between digital and physical retail environments, Surfboard Payments introduces a unified platform that enhances transaction processing and elevates the customer and merchant experience.

Omni-channel retailing with seamless payment integration In response to the dynamic shift towards omnichannel retailing, Surfboard Payments has developed a solution that simplifies the integration of online payments while maintaining a consistent shopping experience across all customer touchpoints. The introduction of an intuitive checkout page and a user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures easy incorporation into any partner’s and merchant's operational framework. Officials from Surfboard Payments said their objective has been to equip businesses with not just forward-thinking payment solutions, but also those that encapsulate the entire spectrum of transactional environments.

With their new omnisolution, they're streamlining the adoption process to offer a frictionless shopping journey, irrespective of the channel. Emphasising ease-of-use and integration, the solution adheres to the established payment and order structure familiar to Surfboard Payments' in-store implementations. This consistency guarantees that partners and merchants can readily implement the system, drastically cutting down on the learning curve and deployment timeframe.

The initiative underscores the company's dedication to providing accessible and efficient payment solutions. Key benefits of Surfboard Payments' omni-solution: Seamless Payment Integration: A singular platform that consolidates in-store and online payments, granting merchants a holistic view of customer transactions; Effortless System Adoption: Through the straightforward SDK and customisable checkout page, integration into existing merchant systems is significantly simplified; Improved Shopping Experience: The solution fosters a smoother and more uniform customer journey, enhancing satisfaction and fostering loyalty. The company’s representatives added that as consumer expectations evolve towards more versatile and convenient shopping and payment methods, their omni-solution is a direct reflection of their commitment to meet and exceed these demands.

They are happy to redefine payment integration standards and support their partners and merchants in achieving success. What does Surfboard Payments do? Surfboard Payments is a Swedish paytech company, known for its pioneering payment solutions that transform the conventional in-store experience. Licensed by the Swedish FSA, the company offers a robust platform for card-present and online payments, including SoftPOS and API-based payment terminals, compliant with both PCI DSS and PCI PIN standards.

Surfboard Payments is dedicated to fostering innovation, reducing dependencies, and delivering unparalleled value to merchants and consumers. .

Feb 28, 2024 14:30
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