Softpay adds dankort to payment wallet options

Softpay tap-to-phone solution now supports Dankort in the iOS wallet.

In 2022, Dankort was added to Apple Pay, allowing users to use their iPhone or Apple Watch instead of the physical card. Merchants who use Softpay as their payment terminals can now enhance customer experience by accepting Dankort payments using Apple Pay.

Dankort and Softpay

Dankort was launched in Denmark in 1983. In 2015, Dankort introduced contactless payments, which became widely accepted. Over 90% of Dankort transactions are now contactless and its old news that the Danes are world champions when it comes to using contactless payments. According to the Danish Chamber of Commerce, using a national card scheme like Dankort benefits retailers and customers.

“With the latest Softpay version, we extend our card scheme acceptance to include Dankort in Apple Pay in addition to physical cards, and thereby provide Danish merchants with more flexibility on contactless payment options for their customers.” - Henrik Koch Nielsen, CPO at Softpay.

By on Thu, 15 Feb 2024 10:27:00 GMT
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