Indigita and Prometeia launch ESG e-learning course

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA, in collaboration with the global advisory firm Prometeia, announces the launch of a new e-Learning course focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scoring.

The course aims at providing professionals in the financial industry with a thorough understanding of ESG scores and their application in investment decision-making. Recognised by the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality.

Titled "Understanding ESG Score: Navigating Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors in Investment," the course is designed to meet the specific needs of financial institutions. It covers key concepts such as the definition of ESG investing, the significance of incorporating ESG factors in investment decisions, and the process of evaluating and selecting investments based on ESG criteria.

The course explains the principles behind of ESG scoring, emphasizing the importance of assessing the reliability of companies in terms of ESG principles. Participants will understand the underlying logic of ESG scores in comparison with traditional credit ratings. Lastly, the course provides an overview on the methodologies used for the evaluation of environmental social and governance factors, alongside financial performance.

Through interactive elements and practical examples, participants will acquire essential knowledge applicable to real-world investment scenarios. The course concludes with a description on the process of developing ESG scores, covering data collection, screening, fine-tuning, and score allocation.

Carmine Cammarota, Country Head of Prometeia Switzerland: “We are delighted to collaborate with Indigita on this innovative course, reinforcing our commitment to advancing ESG education in the financial industry. This initiative reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for professionals seeking to navigate ESG within investment decision-making.”

Andrea Briganti, Director and Head of e-Learning at Indigita: “We further expand the portfolio of our courses on ESG topics to help financial intermediaries to understand a topic that is becoming the more and more important. The course integrates very well in the new portfolio of ESG-related solutions developed by Indigita.” The online training lasts approximately 60 minutes and concludes with a final assessment to confirm participants’ learning progress.

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