Paysecure partners with a55

International payments orchestration platform Paysecure has partnered with a55 in order to expand its global reach into the region of LATAM

International payments orchestration platform Paysecure has partnered with a55 in order to expand its global reach into the region of LATAM. Following this announcement, the partnership is expected to signify an important step into Paysecure’s commitment to improve its service offerings, as well as extend its reach into the Latin American (LATAM) market.

This will include regions such as Brazil, Mexico, and others to come. In addition, both Paysecure and a55 will focus on meeting the needs, preferences, and demands of customers and clients in an ever-evolving market, while also prioritising the process of remaining compliant with the regulatory requirements and laws of the local industries. Both companies are expected to optimise banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), while also enabling secure integration with banks and PSPs.

More information on the announcement Throughout this collaboration, Paysecure’s orchestration platform is set to offer an array of banking solutions, lending services, and secure payment methods, including the popular Pix system. At the same time, a55 will be given the possibility to actively participate in the Pix ecosystem, which will allow customers to benefit and access improved transactional capabilities and streamlined payment procedures. According to the official press release, the partnership started during Q1 2024, when a55Pay started to serve as one of Paysecure’s payment facilitators in the region of Brazil.

The strategic deal will continue to meet the growing demand for optimised and secure payment methods in the national market, while also giving clients the possibility to purchase products from merchants connected to Paysecure. In addition, throughout the alliance, Paysecure is making a direct investment in a55, in order to acquire a significant share of the company’s capital. The funds are expected to enable the firm to improve the way it leverages its SCD licence, as well as optimising its ability to provide financial services and credit solutions for its clients and partners.

Part of the investment will also be used to acquire software licences that utilise various payment methods, which are set to be important in the process of expanding its offerings in LATAM. Paysecure’s strategy of expanding into LATAM underscores its mission to deliver secure, efficient, and fast payment solutions for customers around the world. By using its technology and deep industry expertise, Paysecure will continue to develop and provide financial transactions across diverse markets, aiming to accelerate the overall development of the landscape.


Jun 10, 2024 15:40
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