Deloitte partners Marqeta to provide new payment solutions

Deloitte has partnered card issuing platform Marqeta to provide new payment solutions and support payment modernisation for banks and fintechs

Deloitte has partnered card issuing platform Marqeta to provide new payment solutions and support payment modernisation for banks and fintechs. Through this collaboration, Deloitte's payments expertise and consulting services including digital transformation, strategy and operations, and analytics will complement Marqeta's API-driven platform that enables users to put together customised payments experiences.

The two companies have decided to work together in order to address the needs of card providers to provide differentiated value to their customers in order to maintain their competitive edge. Since customers are driving demand for innovative and secure payment options that are also convenient and personalised, Deloitte and Marqeta aim to help companies in the payments ecosystem to create new solutions and experiences that can improve customer loyalty while driving value. Deloitte officials cited by prnewswire.

com talked about digital modernisation and how companies must adapt in order to engage with their customers in a strategic, regulated, and compliant way. Marqeta officials cited by the same source expressed their willingness to create go-to-market solutions for clients that need to improve their offerings through payments. Moreover, Marqeta wants to leverage its card-issuing platform in order to help entities instantly onboard accounts, issue physical and virtual cards, and increase digital wallet use.

Marqeta’s new Web Push Provisioning product In January 2023, Marqeta has revealed the launch of a new web push provisioning product that aims to improve the company’s payment card tokenization capabilities. Marqeta’s web push provisioning allows clients to minimise friction at point-of-sale and enable users to pay directly via their mobile wallets without relying on a mobile app. The capability was designed to better address the problem of friction, a common pain point for end users who often must install apps on their mobile devices solely to complete transactions.

Aside from friction, the problem also harms conversion rates for merchants, while having a detrimental effect on the overall customer experience. Deloitte partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2022 In November 2022, Deloitte has announced a multi-year collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expedite the launch of its digital-first banking services. the collaboration with AWS allowed Deloitte to help banks and non-bank financial service providers to bring new value for their businesses in a marketplace that is increasingly competitive.

Deloitte’s ConvergePROSPERITY BankingSuite on AWS represents a next-generation banking platform for banking and other financial services organisations. The platform provides banks and non-banks with the ability to enable customer-centric features in a quick manner, such as cross-product offers, rewards, and contextual omnichannel experiences. .

Jan 24, 2023 14:45
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