Akurateco announces Apple Pay, Alipay integration via Stripe

Netherlands-based payments orchestration company Akurateco has announced its integration with Apple Pay and Alipay via Stripe

Netherlands-based payments orchestration company Akurateco has announced its integration with Apple Pay and Alipay via Stripe . According to the official press release, the integration will be expanding the list of payment methods for Akurateco clients, allowing them to securely accept one-time and recurring payments.

Through integrating Apple Pay and Alipay via Stripe, Akurateco users can offer widely accepted payment options to their clients on a global basis. Stripe’s support for Apple Pay and Alipay Stripe reportedly  offers a suite of APIs powering online payment processing and commerce solutions, supporting various methods to accept payments and send payouts online. Among the payment methods that Stripe supports are Apple Pay and Alipay digital wallets that facilitate the digital storage of credit and debit card information, making the purchase process faster and more convenient.

Before the integration, Akurateco users who had integrated Stripe could only accept credit card and debit card payments. Since cards require the user to enter their details every time they make a purchase, with Akurateco integrating Apple Pay and Alipay via Stripe, its clients that already used Stripe as their payment connector or intended to do so would be able to accept payments through Apple Pay and Alipay with no further integration required. Due to the increasing use of Apple Pay and Alipay, these payment methods will enhance the customer experience and make the checkout process faster and seamless, resulting in revenue gains.

Akurateco’s payments orchestration offering Akurateco offers brandable, white-label solutions allowing users to own the ready-to-use PCI DSS-certified payment gateway or payments orchestration platform with a multi-acquirer setup to connect to payment service providers worldwide and robust payment technologies for saving costs and increasing revenue. As explained in the recent press releasne, the company has reported reaching 200 integrated payment providers and banks globally that are available to users after one integration to the platform via open APIs. Akurateco integrations in 2022 The Dutch payments orchestration platform had two major integrations in 2022.

In May 2022, it integrated with US-based commerce solutions company Cybersource. As a result, payment providers began to accept and manage payments via Akurateco’s admin panel worldwide on acquirers working on Cybersource technology. The main reason for the integration, according to Akurateco, was to reduce time-to-market for the customers by eliminating the need to connect local payment methods one at a time.

More recently, in October 2022, Akurateco has integrated with Qenta to improve client business coverage and market share. This last integration focused on business coverage and market share increase in Austria and Central Europe. .

Nov 23, 2022 14:32
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