Pagos launches two new payment solutions

Payment intelligence company Pagos has announced the launch of two new solutions that aim to increase the value of a company's payment data

Payment intelligence company Pagos has announced the launch of two new solutions that aim to increase the value of a company’s payment data. As per the information detailed in the press release, Pagos developed seven payment optimisation solutions since 2021, all of which were developed to support businesses to visualise, monitor, and more effectively leverage their payment data.

The current announcement underlines the launch of two of them, which aim to improve the value of a company’s payment data via access to payment performance benchmarking and services for aggregating and harmonising data streams into downloadable reports. Through these solutions, Pagos aims to enable businesses with insights and efficiency in managing and using their payment data. Pagos’ solutions capabilities By leveraging Flamingo, businesses can use their payment data to identify and prioritise which opportunities have the ability to improve performance.

Each business metric, divided around how it operates, can be compared with Pagos’ payment data benchmarks, developed with billions of transaction data points and card network data feeds. This is set to provide the ability to visualise performance against industry metrics, which support the advancement of payment analytics and the industry overall. According to Pagos’ officials, the new no-code benchmarking service intends to assist businesses in confirming if their payment flows are doing well compared to others in their vertical and with similar buyers while preserving the anonymity of businesses’ data. Additionally, benchmarking combines with Pagos’ processor-agnostic data visualisation and insights service, Peacock, which offers businesses insight into their payments stack.

Once identifying how their payments stack is doing, businesses can monitor real-time anomalies by utilising Pagos’ payments data observability and monitoring service, Canary. Furthermore, Pagos also announced the introduction of Puffin, which aims to simplify how businesses access and integrate payment data into their workflows and systems. Pagos’ no-code platform focuses on automating the harmonisation of payment data, removing the need for time-consuming data mapping and cleaning tasks by internal teams. The service aims to simplify data integration and analysis by providing a clean data feed encompassing transactions and fees.

By using Puffin, businesses can stream data into any data warehouse, enable data-driven use cases, focus on product and service enhancements, and accurately track fees down on the line item to drive cost efficiencies. Representatives from Pagos underscored that the company aims to support by offering products that eliminate additional work, allowing teams to focus on reducing costs and growing their business. Businesses needing to further optimise their payment performance and enhance customer experiences can use Pagos for its network-direct global account updater service, Loon, and network tokenisation service, Toucan. In addition, the company offers a direct-to-network database, Parrot, which enables real-time transaction analytics, decisioning, and routing.


Feb 28, 2024 15:33
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