LianLian Global partners with iwoca, RITMO, and YouLend

China-based cross-border payments provider LianLian Global has partnered iwoca, RITMO and YouLend for an integrated ecommerce solution

China-based cross-border payments provider LianLian Global has partnered iwoca, RITMO and YouLend for an integrated ecommerce solution. The partnership aims to expand LianLian’s global integrated ecommerce finance solution and to provide a variety of capital-access products to ecommerce sellers through its platform.

Moreover, the collaboration between these entities establishes LianLian Global as an important integrated ecommerce payments and financing solution provider for online merchants in the US and UK. The global cross-border payment provider is offering its pre-existing customers access to pre-negotiated financing rates and options. According to the official press release, LianLian’s clients can expect a transparent finance structure with a flat fee as low as 2% on the capital provided and up to 20% discount from other high-street prices.

According to a 2021 Small Business Credit Survey in the US, over one-third (37%) of companies applied for financing but 47% of non-applicants who needed loans did not apply. Moreover, iwoca’s SME Expert Index in the UK reveals that managing cash flow was the most common loan purpose for over two in five small businesses (42%) in Q3 2022. This represents a 16% point increase from the same period last year.

The takeaway from these two reports is that there is a demand for financing for many small businesses including ecommerce sellers, as a company’s cash reserves are not always enough to meet its own requirements. More information about the partnering companies LianLian Global is a leading cross-border payments company that connects local sellers to global opportunities. Part of LianLian Digitech, and with licenses and offices in the Americas, Europe and throughout Asia, LianLian Global is integrated into mainstream ecommerce platforms worldwide.

iwoka specialises in expanding the financial possibilities available to small business owners. The company was launched in 2012 and provides loans, payments, and invoice solutions for small businesses in any industry. RITMO is a financial operating platform for ecommerce businesses and online sellers in Europe and LatAm.

RITMO offers a financial solution that allows these companies to efficiently manage their cross-border payments and get access to flexible funding. YouLend helps platforms such as LianLian Global to extend financing to their merchant base. The company provides friction-free, instant, and affordable access to capital via white-labelled finance solutions that allow partners and their merchants to discover revenue and growth opportunities.

Other LianLian developments and partnerships In September 2022, LianLian Global has enabled online merchants to perform transparent, compliant, and safe cross-border payments to China. The company has introduced a cross-border full-value payments guarantee to China as a feature for its international digital wallet. The policy provides assurance that payments to China-based suppliers are delivered to the right bank account every time.

In August 2022, LianLian partnered UK-based lendtech Uncapped in an effort to bring flexible ecommerce finance options to UK and US-based merchants. The partnership allowed US and UK-registered ecommerce companies to secure financing from USD 100,000 to USD 10 million without equity, interest or personal guarantees in less than 48 hours. Companies could use the funds to grow their businesses by acquiring new customers, hiring more staff members, and securing more inventory.


Nov 14, 2022 14:45
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