SentinelOne expands its collaboration with Pax8

US-based AI security company SentinelOne has expanded its collaboration with technology solutions marketplace Pax8

US-based AI security company SentinelOne has expanded its collaboration with technology solutions marketplace Pax8 . The expanded partnership aims to expedite the availability of best-in-class endpoint, identity, and cloud security solutions in the rapidly growing market.

In the official press release, representatives from SentinelOne emphasised the universal vulnerability of businesses to cyberattacks, asserting that advanced technology is essential for detection and prevention. This reinforced alliance aims to enable SentinelOne and Pax8 to offer SMBs an expanded range of AI security solutions for automated defence and future-proofing. The partnership leverages SentinelOne's Singularity platform, known for its seamless deployment across multiple sites and AI capabilities that eliminate the need for manual threat detection.

This allows Pax8 to improve its services, serving a broader customer base more effectively. As part of the multi-year agreement, Pax8 is committed to accelerating the adoption of SentinelOne solutions among its partners, extending service offerings beyond traditional endpoint security into areas like cloud and identity. SentinelOne will utilise Pax8's ecommerce platform to facilitate a click-to-buy option, streamlining the connection process for SMBs and expediting their entry into cybersecurity measures.

Representatives from Pax8 expressed enthusiasm about the expanded relationship, highlighting its potential to provide greater value for partners and support small businesses in improving their security posture. To facilitate awareness and adoption, SentinelOne's autonomous security solutions will be available through Pax8's ecommerce platform, offering an easy click-to-buy option. The collaboration represents a significant step in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to SMBs in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

What else has SentinelOne been up to? In February 2023, SentinelOne has entered a partnership with tax and advisory firm KPMG, aiming to enhance the efficiency of cyberattack investigations and responses. Through this collaboration, organisations could leverage the combined capabilities of KPMG's cyber response services and SentinelOne's Singularity XDR to proactively address and mitigate risks associated with advanced threats. The integrated solutions were designed to safeguard against the potential loss of intellectual property, customer data, and other sensitive information that could lead to financial and reputational repercussions.

Notably, companies already affected by a cyberattack could also benefit from this collaboration. Specifically, businesses gained the ability to use the KPMG Digital Responder (KDR) in conjunction with Singularity XDR's data ingest functionality. This supported the correlation of data, empowering response teams to conduct retrospective enterprise forensics and comprehend the root causes of attacks.

The synergy between the two entities facilitated the containment of breaches, remediation of affected assets, and a quick return to productivity for impacted organisations. .

Nov 29, 2023 14:28
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