Arkose Labs bot management solution available on Auth0 Marketplace

Arkose Labs , a bot management and account security solutions provider, has announced its inclusion on the Auth0 Marketplace by Okta

Arkose Labs , a bot management and account security solutions provider, has announced its inclusion on the Auth0 Marketplace by Okta. With the introduction of the Pre User Registration Action, businesses are able to deploy Arkose Bot Manager on the Auth0 Platform, requiring a valid Arkose Labs session token for every registration.

This off-the-shelf action aims to provide customers with a no-code solution to enable bot protection during the registration flow. Through the integration of Arkose Labs on the Auth0 Marketplace, businesses gain access to a comprehensive suite of account security and bot detection features. Arkose Labs' enforcement capabilities adapt in real-time to emerging threats, intending to ensure accuracy rates in differentiating between real users and malicious actors. Arkose Labs’ main aim is to reduce fraud, minimise financial losses, and safeguard businesses' reputations by disrupting the economic incentives behind fraudulent attacks. This integration seeks to specifically address the issue surrounding registration abuse on Auth0 Marketplace by Okta.

Arkose Labs' presence on the Auth0 Marketplace enables businesses to tackle this challenge by leveraging the necessary solutions. In addition to protecting against bot registration abuse, Arkose Labs' solutions are able to address Login Account Takeovers (ATOs) and SMS Toll fraud/IRSF abuse. About Arkose Labs and its recent developments The mission of Arkose Labs is to create an online environment where consumers are protected from online spam and abuse.

Recognised as a player in bot detection and mitigation, the company’s ML-powered, WCAG-compliant platform combines risk assessments with dynamic threat response to undermine the strategy of attack. Arkose Labs is headquartered in the US with offices in the UK, Costa Rica, and Australia. In April 2023, Arkose Labs announced that its Bot Manager platform would detect and alert against ‘reverse proxy phishing’ attacks on customer websites.

Arkose Bot Manager combined transparent detection with dynamic attack response to catch attackers early on without disrupting the user experience. Arkose detection aggregates real-time device, network, and behavioural signals to spot hidden signs of bot and human-driven attacks. Once suspicious signals are detected, Arkose's proprietary challenge-response technology would separate the real users from the bad bots. In January 2023, the company launched an email intelligence solution to stop bots and other bad actors from using fake, risky or throw-away email addresses in online attacks.

This solution would combine bot mitigation with email risk detection. Arkose Labs intends to ensure the delivery of increased security with ROI when it comes to online services and applications by leveraging multi-layered email risk assessment. .

Aug 31, 2023 12:04
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