Flutterwave launches $end mobile app

Nigeria-based fintech Flutterwave has launched a $end mobile app looking to facilitate fast and easy funds' transfer from the diaspora to the African continent

Nigeria-based fintech Flutterwave has launched a $end mobile app looking to facilitate fast and easy funds’ transfer from the diaspora to the African continent. $end by Flutterwave is a solution launched in December 2021 when the company was looking to enable Africans in the diaspora to send money home, and, following this announcement, the solution is also accessible as a mobile app that can be downloaded everywhere.

Available on both Play Store and App Store, the new app aims to enhance the customer experience through means of improved speed, transparency, and ability to send user’s money to the selected destination despite any hurdles that might be encountered. $end mobile app capabilities Part of the key features that the $end mobile app includes are: Apple Pay capability, which enables users of Apple devices to carry out transactions from their mobile wallet. App notifications that make the user aware of their verification status, transfer completions, new login detections and any other valuable information may be needed for their $end account.

An activity section that enables real-time transaction tracking, with the user being given the option to access additional filters, such as date range, transfer status, transfer reference or the recipient’s name, to search and identify transactions. An enhanced profile section that gives users the option of changing their profile information, managing limits, and changing their PIN with easy navigation within the Profile section. In addition, users can also save cards to their profile in order to reduce the number of steps and time taken for the completion of a remittance.

  And a new voucher code section that enables users to benefit from discounts on transactions using voucher codes from promotions or influencers. To make use of the mobile app, customers can download it on either the Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iPhones and sign up with either their email address or phone number and create a password. After doing so and logging in, they will have to select the ‘Send Now’ button, enter details on the money transfer of the likes of amount, sending currency/country, and receiving currency/country, review the transaction, and click on ‘Send Money’, with the money being delivered in a matter of minutes.

Speaking on the launch, company officials have stated in the press release that the app aims to improve the speed and efficiency when it comes to transferring money from the diaspora to the African content for fees, real estate, health, upkeep, as well as for investments. .

Nov 21, 2022 11:09
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