FlexPoint announces its public launch

Payment automation platform provider FlexPoint has announced its launch with GreatAmerica Financial Services along with an initial round of funding

Payment automation platform provider FlexPoint has announced its launch with GreatAmerica Financial Services along with an initial round of funding. FlexPoint’s payment automation platform allows managed service providers (MSPs) to increase visibility into their cash flow and reduce time on manual processes while offering an improved client experience.

Through this, MSPs and their business clients can also get access to capital to expand their companies. More information about the launch As part of the launch, FlexPoint announced a strategic program with GreatAmerica Financial Services. The additional program complements the company’s full suite of payment and working capital solutions, now being able to offer long-term financing through its platform.

By partnering with GreatAmerica Financial Services, FlexPoint can offer financing easily, as well as allow its customers to seamlessly provide financing quotes in the 12–60-month range and submit credit applications. FlexPoint also announced a USD 2.4 million investment led by Garuda Ventures, with participation from Far Out Ventures, Techstars, Cascade Seed Fund, and Lorimer Ventures, as well as other industry participants from ConnectWise, NinjaOne, CyberFox, Rewst, Empath Cyber, and LifeCycle Insights. Other solutions from FlexPoint FlexPoint’s portfolio includes products that enable merchants to automate their cash flow, manage their revenue, improve client and billing experience, as well as client financing. By using AutoPay, FlexPoint’s clients can automate their billing process, create custom rules to get paid on invoices, increase predictability on cash flow, and set tailored rules for all clients or specific rules for certain customers.

Furthermore, clients can automate the reconciliation process by eliminating the need to manually settle bank deposits. Moreover, FlexPoint’s products can be fully integrated into the user’s systems, and allow the connection of accounting and PSA software, therefore eliminating duplicate data entry. The company offers a branded payment portal that offers clients a single place to view and manage invoices, as well as self-service their billing. FlexPoint also allows its customers to provide their clients with the flexibility to pay through multiple payment methods while eliminating the need to collect sensitive information over email or phone.

More information about FlexPoint For its data protection and security, FlexPoint employs a tiered structure that ensures customers’ trust and regulatory compliance. The company operates from Azure data centres that maintain physical security, being built with customised hardware and firmware integrated with controls and added protections such as DDoS. Its infrastructure includes Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls, vNets, Monitoring, and Access Level Control. FlexPoint encrypts all data in transit and at rest, including files, databases, and applications, and it doubles the encryption for sensitive data at the column level.

Furthermore, the company uses passwordless authentication methods leveraging a one-time PIN that can only be used by the customer from their computer. FlexPoint uses a third-party card processor which is a certified Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider, and the company does not store any sensitive credit card information on its servers. .

Sep 26, 2023 12:09
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