Fiserv's network available at NCR Atleos' ATMs

US-based financial technology provider Fiserv has announced the expansion of its CheckFreePay network for in-person bill payments to NCR Atleos ' ATM network

US-based financial technology provider Fiserv has announced the expansion of its CheckFreePay network for in-person bill payments to NCR Atleos ’ ATM network. As per the information detailed in the press release, Fiserv’s availability at NCR Atleos’ ATM network enables consumers who prefer cash to pay an array of household bills at several ATM locations, including at retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

Fiserv’s collaboration with NCR Atleos According to NCR Atleos’ officials, the partnership with Fiserv focuses on providing benefits to consumers, billers, and merchants and supports the company’s commitment to developing and expanding the transactions assisted by its self-service devices. The press release mentions that the bill payment capabilities are set to initially be available at thousands of Atleos ATMs that accept cash, increasing as more cash-in ATMs are introduced across the US. Representatives from Fiserv underlined that many consumers prefer to pay bills in person in cash and, with the company’s CheckFreePay solution, they can simplify financial tasks with multiple methods to pay in places they visit daily.

By launching a self-service bill payment option at Atleos’ ATM location, the two companies aim to expand consumer access to these capabilities while improving efficiency and increasing foot traffic for merchants. Previously, ATMS that accepted cash were mostly available at bank and credit union branches. However, nowadays with more ATMs being placed at retail locations, consumers can pay utility, phone, cable, insurance, credit card, auto, and other bills securely through self-service instead of paying at a counter.

Moreover, merchants benefit from this, as they can shift from cash payments formerly assisted by store personnel to self-service ATMs, thus automating transactions and enhancing the efficiency of store operations. As part of the collaboration between Fiserv and NCR Atleos, customers can search for locations by referring to their statement or visiting the CheckFreePay payment locator website or their biller’s website, with them receiving a receipt once the payment is completed. Furthermore, representatives from NCR Atleos highlighted that enabling in-person bill payments via CheckFreePay allows their company to expand its financial access for consumers, offering them credit for funds received, while also supporting merchants by developing brand loyalty.

The partnership with Fiserv focuses on assisting consumers, billers, and merchants while advancing NCR Atleos’ objective of increasing the transactions supported by its self-service devices. Fiserv’s CheckFreePay is one the largest processors of walk-in bill payments in the US, with the company offering bill payment services to consumers who prefer to pay their bills in person in the 30,000 bill-pay locations. Fiserv intends to help clients provide solutions that fit the current financial landscape and lifestyle of individuals, assisting them in expanding their operations and capabilities.


Feb 16, 2024 09:15
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