Fintech heartstocks completes EUR 5 million financing round

Germany-based fintech startup heartstocks has completed its second round of financing and has raised EUR 5 million

Germany-based fintech startup heartstocks has completed its second round of financing and has raised EUR 5 million. After its launch on the digital stock market, the trading platform heartstocks is now starting on its next expansion stage.

With the new capital, the company will fill further key positions, expand its technical infrastructure and continue to establish itself as a provider of fully regulated shares on the blockchain in the European Economic Area. According to a heartstocks, the investment shows that the fintech has growth potential and represents an alternative to conventional investment processes. Similarly to the EUR 2 million raised with the fintech’s seed financing in September 2021, the new capital comes largely from large German family offices from medium-sized companies, as well as from various business angels.

In addition to existing investors, heartstocks was able to gain five new investors, such as the venture capital client Vanagon Ventures. heartstock’s offer and security features heartstock's investment product gives private individuals and companies access to alternative investments with a low entry hurdle. The fintech’s regulations include a complete securities prospectus with WKN/ISIN, which offers issuers and investors maximum security.

  heartstocks makes it possible to map and tokenize a wide variety of assets in public limited companies, for example with classic securitisations, sustainable infrastructure, private equity/venture capital, or classic capital market products. The corresponding shares can thus be transferred efficiently. With a recommended issue volume of at least EUR 1.

5 to 2 million, heartstocks is below the requirements of the regular stock market and therefore opens up a trading platform for newcomers and hidden champions. The fintech’s aim heartstocks aims to disrupt the traditional capital market and to eliminate inefficiencies that are evident in the classic financial market and the previous structuring of financial products. The structuring of a product via the heartstocks platform takes place in an exclusively fully regulated infrastructure and excludes the integration of intermediaries.

With these measures, heartstocks plans to increase access to previously inaccessible assets and create a more transparent market. The start-up is therefore aiming to digitise and democratise the stock market. According to a heartstocks representative, their financial ecosystem uses blockchain technology to transform any asset into digital securities, thereby enabling public trading.


Mar 16, 2023 14:07
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