Fawry partners with Hulul to improve e-payment services for SMEs

Egypt-based digital transformation and fintech platform Fawry has partnered with Hulul to improve e-payment services for SMEs via artificial intelligence

Egypt-based digital transformation and fintech platform Fawry has partnered with Hulul to improve e-payment services for SMEs via artificial intelligence. Hulul Company, supported by WideBot, is an Arabic-focused conversational AI chatbot-building platform in the MENA region.

The collaboration between these two entities aims to integrate Fawry's electronic payment systems with Hulul's services, focusing on digital transformation and artificial intelligence to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Under the terms of the agreement, Fawry will deliver its fintech services to Hulul's network of SMEs by implementing a payment link through an AI-powered automated chat feature. This feature, embedded in the Hulul platform, will facilitate secure and seamless electronic financial transactions.

The initiative is designed to expedite the digital transformation process for emerging institutions, thereby supporting their market position in Egypt. In essence, the collaboration seeks to leverage Fawry's expertise in payment solutions and Hulul's advanced AI-driven digital transformation services. The primary objectives include altering the operational landscape for SMEs in the digital sector and providing them with various tools to drive growth and improve efficiency as well as customer experiences.

In the official announcement, representatives from Fawry emphasised the company's commitment to supporting growth for startups and small companies across various industries. They also highlighted the innovative suite of payment technology and techniques provided by Fawry, aimed at assisting these entities in achieving their growth objectives thereby contributing to the advancement of the Egyptian economy. Officials from WideBot expressed pride in collaborating with Fawry and the joint effort to bring about a notable change in the business flow systems of small, medium, and emerging companies.

They also highlighted the innovative combination of the latest financial technology and AI tools used in this initiative, providing new experiences through secure services and solutions. More information about Hulu’s operations Hulul facilitates customer communication through various channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, mobile applications, and websites. By integrating with Fawry channels, merchants and SME owners can easily access electronic payment services, thereby potentially doubling their sales and fostering smooth communication with customers to attract a wider user base.

Hulul supports SMEs in streamlining their operations and supporting their digital transformation through a unified platform. According to Fawry, Hulul has a notable customer base and was able to process over a billion messages while serving millions of customers across 40 countries. The company also collaborates with more than 20 regional and global partners.


Dec 15, 2023 12:43
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