Familiprix partners with Nuvei to launch a new ecommerce app

Canada-based pharmacy chain Familiprix has partnered with fellow local fintech company, Nuvei , to enable its customers to purchase products online

Canada-based pharmacy chain Familiprix has partnered with fellow local fintech company, Nuvei , to enable its customers to purchase products online. This alliance aims to launch an ecommerce app that will allow affiliated pharmacists to accept online payments for the first time.

Payment operations and purchases through an ecommerce platform Through its suite of payment services, including authorisation, settlement, and user management solutions, Nuvei is empowering Familiprix to optimise its payment operations, maximise acceptance rates, and provide a secure checkout experience for all ecommerce customers. Furthermore, Nuvei's primary payments platform includes its Web Store Front technology, which allows Familiprix customers to shop and pay online using credit cards, as well as with a wide array of alternative payment methods in the Quebec region, enabling flexibility. Familiprix's network, which comprises over 400 independent pharmacies located across the French part of the country, Quebec, and New Brunswick, serves local communities with pharmaceutical and health-related products and services.

Through this partnership, Familiprix is expanding its market by reaching out to new customers and helping them make purchases through an intuitive and user-friendly ecommerce platform for at-home delivery or in-store pick-up. In addition, Nuvei is not only providing customers with easy payment options, but also helping Familiprix to onboard new pharmacies to accept online payments efficiently when joining the Familiprix network. Its Control Panel Master Account enables management of each store in the independent network through a single CPanel login, while individual pharmacy agents can simultaneously access Nuvei's Control Panel PayLink solution.

According to the pharmaceutical chain, the ability to accept online payments for the first time is a significant improvement in their services, as they aim to attract more customers interested in purchasing goods online. As part of the partnership, Nuvei pledges to support Familiprix's digital transformation journey through its solutions and expertise. This will enable Familiprix to move seamlessly into the digital commerce space and accelerate its revenue growth.

Previous Nuvei’s partnerships Canada-based fintech Nuvei provides flexible and scalable technology for companies to accelerate their businesses and increase their revenues by accepting alternative online payments and benefit from card issuing, banking, risk, and fraud management services. Connecting businesses to their customers in more than 200 markets, with local acquiring in 50 markets, 150 currencies, and more than 669 alternative payment methods, Nuvei provides the technology and insights for its customers and partners. In December 2023, Nuvei announced a global payments partnership with Microsoft to improve its payment and checkout experiences.

Earlier, in November 2023, Nuvei partnered with US-based Solutions by Text to help customers make payments directly through texts. For more information regarding Nuvei’s activity, check the full company profile in The Paypers’s section. .

Dec 15, 2023 12:13
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