SEBA Bank introduces new crypto offering

Switzerland-based SEBA Bank , a FINMA-regulated, licensed digital assets bank, has announced the launch of a new crypto banking offer for its clients

Switzerland-based SEBA Bank , a FINMA-regulated, licensed digital assets bank, has announced the launch of a new crypto banking offer for its clients. Clients can choose between three programmes, namely Gold, Platinum, and Corporate.

The Gold and the exclusive Platinum programmes offer professional investors access to institutional-grade crypto and traditional financial services, while the Corporate programme is aimed at companies active in the field of crypto which need also traditional banking services. The Gold programme The Gold programme is designed for selective investors seeking comprehensive professional financial services, including institutional-grade cold and hot storage, worldwide FIAT payments, staking, crypto loans, derivatives, and a gold credit card.   The Platinum programme The Platinum programme is aimed at VIP clients seeking more features than those offered by the Gold programme.

Platinum clients receive the maximum level of flexibility that SEBA has to offer. This includes access to a premium service desk with a relationship manager, direct access to the trading room (24/7), and direct communication with SEBA via phone, email, and main messaging platforms. They also receive a platinum (metal) credit card with a custom limit and access to airport lounges and concierge services.

  The Corporate programme The Corporate programme is intended for companies in the crypto area with similar services as the Gold programme including a corporate credit card. According to a SEBA representative, they are bridging and simplifying traditional and digital finance. With the launch of the SEBA new offers consisting of the Gold programme, the Platinum programme, and the Corporate programme, they are offering their demanding programme members a more personalised experience.

SEBA custodian bank license  In September 2021, SEBA Bank was granted a licence to act as a custodian bank for Swiss collective investment schemes. This was the first licence granted in Switzerland by the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA) to a digital assets-focused custodian bank. The CISA licence enabled SEBA to extend its institutional-grade digital asset custody services to Swiss-domiciled mutual funds in the digital assets space.

SEBA Bank’s series C funding In January 2022, SEBA Bank secured a Series C funding round and raised CHF 110 million. The round was co-led by a consortium of blockchain and fintech investors, comprised of Altive, Ordway Selections, and Summer Capital, as well as DeFi Technologies. The funding round aimed to further accelerate the growth of SEBA Bank through through investment in product offerings and technology, which include the newly-introduced Gold, Platinum, and Corporate programmes.


Jan 24, 2023 15:29
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