KuCoin taps Revolut to streamline euro-to-crypto purchases

Crypto exchange KuCoin has partnered with neobank Revolut to introduce a new payment method for purchasing digital assets using euros

Crypto exchange KuCoin has partnered with neobank Revolut to introduce a new payment method for purchasing digital assets using euros. KuCoin's collaboration with Revolut aims to simplify the process of acquiring cryptocurrencies for European users.

Through Revolut Pay, users can convert euros to a variety of supported cryptocurrencies. The partnership addresses the growing demand for easy access to digital assets, especially amidst the ongoing surge in the value of Bitcoin. Buying crypto directly with euros Revolut Pay allows users to complete transactions directly from their Revolut personal accounts.

By clicking on the 'Revolut Pay' button and confirming the payment, users can initiate cryptocurrency purchases without intermediaries. To celebrate the partnership, KuCoin, and Revolut are offering an exclusive promotion for the first 2,000 orders. Users who take advantage of this offer will enjoy 0% transaction fees (cash back) and have the opportunity to share a bonus prize worth USD 5,000.

Users can begin purchasing cryptocurrencies with Revolut Pay on KuCoin by completing the standard identity verification process. Once verified, they can navigate to the 'Buy Crypto' section, select 'Fast Trade,' choose the 'Fiat/Crypto' option, and then proceed to 'Revolut Pay' for payment confirmation. Previous news from KuCoin In November 2023, KuCoin has introduced the KuCard, a cryptocurrency debit card merging digital assets with traditional banking, facilitating easy spending at any location accepting regular debit cards, online or offline.

KuCard streamlines the conversion and spending process, automatically converting cryptocurrency into local currency at the point of sale, ensuring favourable exchange rates. Safety features include real-time notifications, detailed transaction records, and integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay for secure, contactless payments via smartphones. In April 2023, KuCoin Labs partnered with Malta-based VAIOT to launch the Digital Assets Regulation Institute (DARI), aimed at enhancing crypto regulation by facilitating collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulators.

DARI will conduct research, produce reports to inform government policies globally, and offer consultation and incubation opportunities for projects seeking regulatory approval. Supported by Grant Thornton Malta's tax, regulatory, and compliance practice, DARI aims to create supportive conditions for crypto development and will engage with European institutions for regulatory proposals and hearings. The initiative emphasises the importance of industry collaboration and a bottom-up approach to effective regulation.


Mar 04, 2024 10:02
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