partners with Triple-A to support digital payments in LATAM

Cryptocurrency technology company has partnered with Singapore-based digital currency payment institution Triple-A

Cryptocurrency technology company has partnered with Singapore-based digital currency payment institution Triple-A . This collaboration aims to facilitate seamless in-store and online digital currency transactions for merchants and consumers across the region.

Through this partnership,'s partners in LATAM, including acquirers, sub-acquirers, and payment service providers, gain the capability to effortlessly accept digital currency payments both online and in physical stores. This integration offers customers a modern payment option without exposure to volatility risks associated with cryptocurrencies. By leveraging's point-of-sale payment technology alongside Triple-A's payment solutions, merchants can accept digital currencies and receive settlements in local currency.

This approach addresses concerns regarding currency volatility and meets the increasing demand for digital payment methods in the region, simplifying transactions for businesses and consumers alike. A notable feature of this solution is its real-time conversion of digital currencies into local currencies for merchant settlements, eliminating the need for direct cryptocurrency handling and ensuring stable financial operations. For consumers, the partnership promises a straightforward payment experience.

Transactions can be completed instantly by scanning a QR code directly from digital currency wallets, offering a swift and secure payment method. The partnership represents a step forward in the LATAM region, combining Triple-A's online infrastructure with's expertise in both in-store and online deployments. By bridging the gap between online capabilities and physical presence, the collaboration aims to enhance the commerce ecosystem across the region.

Both companies emphasise the importance of meeting the evolving demand for digital currency acceptance, particularly in Latin America, where a growing number of individuals hold digital currencies. This partnership aims to seamlessly provide solutions that cater to this demand for merchants and acquirers. More information about the two companies focuses on unlocking the utility of cryptocurrencies by offering a seamless and secure alternative payment method for merchants and consumers.

With an initial focus on Latin America and expansion plans into the US and European markets, provides flexible white-label applications for Android terminals and APIs for seamless integration with its payment gateway. Triple-A allows businesses to transact in both traditional and digital currencies without volatility risks. The company is licensed as a Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the ACPR in the EU, registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider by the AMF under Banque de France, and registered with the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a Money Service Business (MSB).

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Feb 28, 2024 14:20
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