bitsCrunch joins Chainlink's BUILD programme

Germany-based blockchain analytics company bitsCrunch has entered Chainlink 's BULD programme to accelerate adoption of NFT markets

Germany-based blockchain analytics company bitsCrunch has entered Chainlink ’s BULD programme to accelerate adoption of NFT markets. As a part of BUILD, bitsCrunch plans to maximise its support as a data provider for the Chainlink ecosystem as a way to accelerate the development and adoption of NFT analytics solutions made possible by Chainlink’s infrastructure.

In return, it will provide real-time data, network fees, and other benefits to the Chainlink ecosystem. bitsCrunch’s participation in BUILD is central to its development of customised oracle infrastructure that brings better analytics of NFT markets to the blockchain ecosystem. BUILD can also aid us in attracting users and gaining increased awareness thanks to support from an active and diverse Chainlink ecosystem.

How bitsCrunch provides analytics on NFTs markets bitsCrunch aims to provide a consistent and reliable experience for digital asset (NFT) markets. Its suite of AI-based analytics helps create more trust, transparency, and accuracy for users and NFT dApp developers by filtering out wash trading within NFT marketplaces, delivering more accurate NFT pricing data, and scanning for digital art forgery. Using bitsCrunch data, dApp developers, traders, and collectors can build models to estimate the base value of NFTs, produce tailored market reports and competitor analysis, account for price manipulation, protect against forgery, and better understand the latent opportunity in NFTs.

The ultimate vision of bitsCrunch is to be the standard NFT-analytics engine for all global dApps. Why the move to join Chainlink’s BUILD took place bitsCrunch joined BUILD to fully realise the benefits of security, reliability, and advanced utility that Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure provides in order to make available its NFT market data to dApps, as well as to tap into the expertise provided by the Chainlink ecosystem. This expertise includes technical support when designing NFT oracles and guidance when navigating the challenging Web3 landscape.

As part of its participation in BUILD, bitsCrunch is committing a percentage of the bitsCrunch token supply to pay Chainlink service providers, including stakers, for Chainlink services over time. These economic incentives better align the Chainlink ecosystem with the operations of bitsCrunch. .

Nov 08, 2022 12:31
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