Bitget Wallet launches a Web3 exploration incentive platform

Singapore-based Bitget Wallet has unveiled Task2Get, a Web3 exploration platform aimed at improving user access to the DeFi ecosystem

Singapore-based Bitget Wallet has unveiled Task2Get, a Web3 exploration platform aimed at improving user access to the DeFi ecosystem. Task2Get serves a dual purpose of keeping users informed about emerging projects in the Web3 space and rewarding them for interacting with these projects.

In essence, the initiative curates and highlights noteworthy projects entering the Web3 ecosystem, providing users with an easy way to engage with them and potentially qualify for future airdrops. Additionally, Task2Get offers rewards to users who complete specified interaction tasks with featured projects, creating an added incentive for users to explore new protocols and projects. In its initial phase, Task2Get has partnered with ZetaChain, an EVM-Layer 1 blockchain known for connecting diverse chains, including non-smart chains like the Bitcoin network.

The platform features six prominent DApps for users to interact with on the ZetaChain testnet ecosystem, offering users a chance to earn a share of 700,000 ZETA and exclusive Bitget Wallet x ZetaChain commemorative NFTs. Some of the main features of Task2Get Recognising the growing popularity of airdrop interactions in Web3, Task2Get addresses the limitations associated with desktop computers by providing a one-stop airdrop interaction platform specifically designed for mobile users. The platform features a user-friendly interface, consolidating key DApps from various mainnets and providing clear, step-by-step instructions for on-chain interactions.

To keep the airdrop interaction experience engaging, Task2Get rewards users with random NFTs upon completing tasks. These NFTs not only potentially entitle users to future airdrops but also allow them to track their progress and rankings on the platform. Task2Get also includes interactive tools such as educational guides, insights from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and real-time query tools to improve the overall user experience.

Security is a priority, with a contract authorisation detection feature allowing users to manage permissions and revoke access to suspicious contracts, ensuring the safety of their assets. Bitget Wallet aims to extend its commitment to the Web3 ecosystem by hosting collaborative ecosystem incentive events with various mainnets and projects. These events, including ecosystem incentives, project-based airdrops, Invite2Get invitation-earning schemes, and on-chain trading competitions, can potentially contribute to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem according to the official press release.

With Task2Get, Bitget Wallet aims to leverage its user base and market impact to create a robust platform for growth and exposure, benefiting both emerging and established projects. The initiative seeks to support strong connections between projects and users, encouraging active participation in the vibrant Web3 landscape. .

Nov 20, 2023 14:53
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