AU10TIX launches KYB/KYC solution verifying against government registries

Israel-based identity verification company AU10TIX has launched a KYB/KYC solution that enables companies to know exactly who they are doing business with

Israel-based identity verification company AU10TIX has launched a KYB/KYC solution that enables companies to know exactly who they are doing business with. By combining Know Your Business (KYB) with Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, the new offering from AU10TIX addresses every KYB business need, from sole traders to corporates, including KYC for UBOs and associated entities.

Increasingly rigorous regulatory demands are forcing businesses across all sectors to collect and analyse more data about the identities of their partners and vendors. Companies must also ensure that they are not working with unscrupulous businesses involved in identity theft, fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or other crimes. However, most available KYB solutions are limited in scope, forcing companies to engage with multiple vendors for KYC, forgery tests, serial fraud detection, and other crucial capabilities.

Instant checks across jurisdictions and government registries AU10TIX’s unified KYB and KYC solution provides a comprehensive check against 200+ jurisdictions and over 1000 government registries in one automated workflow. It provides thorough and comprehensive checks within seconds, while other vendors require days and rely on unofficial and potentially outdated databases. The new solution also provides full profiling and continuous monitoring, ensuring business integrity for compliance and risk management.

AU10TIX’s KYB solution comes in three packages. The first one is Business Validation, which enables a quick and efficient Proof of Business (POB) verification process by confirming essential identification details, including business name and ID, address, country, registration date, and official status. The second package, Sole Trader Verification, extends Business Validation to validate both the company and owner with automated KYB and KYC risk evaluation through one API call.The third package, Enterprise Verification, extends Business Validation with several additional benefits and features, including: Continuous monitoring to ensure compliance, detect changes, and manage risk in real time across all entities; In-depth KYC risk assessment of all related entities, Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), officers, directors and stakeholders linked to the organisation in question; Robust AML screening against sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) watchlists; Seamless AI-based Proof of Business (POB) collection, extraction, validation, and registry comparison, with added forgery checks.

Key benefits of AU10TIX's new solution include: Fully automated and unified KYB and KYC process - End-to-end automation in one flow for increased speed and accuracy; Advanced document verification - AI-powered tech quickly and accurately verifies various documents to authenticate the legitimacy of the business; Case management dashboard - Enables user-friendly management of check results; Comprehensive scoring mechanism - Provides scoring based on an advanced algorithm, for informed decision-making and risk measurement; Single API call for both business and individual verification - Reduces cost by requiring only one payment for both KYB and KYC record checks; Global coverage-Offers insights into ownership structures across 200+ countries. .

Feb 27, 2024 10:00
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