names Mariano Albera CTO, the global payments solution provider, today announces the appointment of a new Chief Technology Officer, Mariano Albera.

Mariano has been with the business for over three years and has already had a significant impact on delivering unrivalled performance for merchants. A seasoned technology leader, Mariano has experience in leading technology teams and strategy for large global businesses. Prior to joining, Mariano served as the CTO of Expedia’s Partner Solutions, the CTO of Ovo Energy, and the CTO of Thomas Cook’s eCommerce and distribution systems. In his new role based in London, Mariano will accelerate the evolution of’s platform and focus on offering merchants high-performance payments.

The appointment comes after the business reported an excellent growth of over 40% YoY, across its core sectors of Commerce and Fintech.

“I’m thrilled to be leading the global technology team. We have an incredible opportunity to use the latest innovations in machine learning and AI to improve the performance of our customers’ payment operations. Payments is a critical step in online consumer experience, and we want to put all our expertise in making sure our customers perform better in the digital economy by optimising payment methods in each geography,” said Mariano Albera, CTO,

“We’re excited about Mariano taking on the CTO role, and know that he is the best possible candidate for our next phase of growth. Mariano has a rare mix of intensity and attention to detail, with a systematic customer first mindset. Shipping innovative payment features and helping our merchants optimize their payment performance globally is our number one priority and the foundation behind our growth in 2024 and beyond”, said Guillaume Pousaz, CEO,

Ott Kaukver stepped down after three years in the position and will leave the business at the end of 2023.

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