Amadeus launches Leisure Connect and Value Cars

Travel technology company Amadeus has announced the launch of Leisure Connect and Value Cars, aiming to expand its offerings and optimise customer experience

Travel technology company Amadeus has announced the launch of Leisure Connect and Value Cars, aiming to expand its offerings and optimise customer experience. Following this announcement, the integrated tech solution Amadeus Leisure Connect is expected to deliver personalised offerings and capabilities to leisure travelers, as well as optimised control to travel sellers by connecting them with hotel providers.

In addition, the Amadeus Value Cars was developed in order to provide travel sellers with more possibilities and choices for clients in the moment of booking car rentals. More information on the Amadeus Leisure Connect Amadeus leveraged its knowledge and expertise in business travel in order to expand its suite of solutions in the dynamic market of leisure travel. The Amadeus Leisure Connect was designed to combine three complementary products, the Private Agreements, Amadeus Value Hotels, and the Amadeus Travel Platform in order to provide clients and partners with a connected and safe traveler experience.

At the same time, the company aims to offer users an optimised distribution strategy for leisure travel sellers as well. The Leisure Connect tools are expected to streamline hotel content distribution by connecting hoteliers with travel sellers through the use of a booking process. This will take place while eliminating the need for multiple content provider integration as well.

In addition, travel sellers will be enabled to benefit from improved data sharing and revenue management, while hotels will have the capability to deliver optimised customer experiences. At the same time, travel sellers will be allowed to use multiple solutions, such as the Private Agreement (a tool that offers real-time rates, availability, and inventory for their list of directly contracted hotels around the world), or the Amadeus Value Hotels (which will equip leisure travel sellers with a suite of exclusive prepaid net rates, allowing them to set their process so they can optimise revenue). Both solutions are supported by the Amadeus Travel Platforms, which was designed to streamline the overall booking experience securely.

For hotel providers, Leisure Connect will improve their control over distribution and overall pricing strategies, manage inventory, and ensure rate parity. From the process of hosting content to handling payments and providing secure, detailed, and efficient analytics, the solution is expected to offer the needed features for hoteliers to attract customers and grow their businesses. More information on the Amadeus Value Cars The newly released Amadeus Value Cars were developed in order to simplify the manner in which travel agencies sell car rental content in a secure and rapid manner.

The product was launched with Anex Gruppe as one of the partners, and it is aimed to optimise the manner in which sellers provide value options for travelers and clients. It is also expected to improve the overall payment flows of users, as well as accelerate and optimise ancillary sales capabilities in mobility for travel sellers. In addition, Amadeus Value Cars is set to offer a secure experience for both travel sellers and travelers, as it addresses a crucial pain point in the overall travel industry – the process of streamlining financial transactions and optimising service quality.

Furthermore, travel sellers will be enabled to offer mobility content without the need to manage several agreements, reconciliations, or connections. For travelers, the solution is expected to enable them to access a wide variety of car rental options, while also benefiting from improved costs and services. Anex Group will expand its operations in order to integrate car rental solutions and continue to provide improved and secure travel experiences to its users.

The Amadeus Value Cars tool will cover the servicing process and will focus on meeting the needs, preferences, and demands of its clients in an ever-evolving market. In addition, customers will gain access to offers and capabilities from multiple participating car rental providers, from several locations around the world. Amadeus Value Cars represents a part of the Amadeus Value Content portfolio, alongside Amadeus Value Hotels.

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Mar 11, 2024 15:17
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