Moderator - Imran Hajimusa - Verifone - Bio

Imran Hajimusa, VP Business & Technology at Verifone Imran's Bio: Imran is a global technology and business leader with 20+ years of experience working and living in Singapore, Germany and...
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Panelist - Kim Wagner - Visa - Bio

Kim Wagner, Senior Director at Visa Kim's Bio: With a background in mathematics and a Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University Kim has worked at Visa for 15...
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Panelist - Matthieu Soulé - L'Atelier BNP Paribas - Bio

Matthieu Soulé, Deputy CEO at L'Atelier BNP Paribas - US Matthieu's Bio: Matthieu Soulé is passionate about new technologies and has been working for the last 10 years for BNP...
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Panelist - Som Shahapurkar - FICO - Bio

Som Shahapurkar, Director of Machine Learning / AI products at FICO Som's Bio: Som Shahapurkar is principal scientist (analytics) at FICO and works on innovation and go-to-market strategy for data...
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Panelist - Christopher Williams, Ph.D., - Exponent Inc. - Bio

Christopher Williams, Ph.D., Senior Associate, Statistical & Data Sciences at Exponent Inc. Christopher's Bio: Dr. Williams specializes in the implementation and evaluation of information assurance and data collection techniques to...
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Panelist - John Canfield - WePay - Bio

John Canfield, VP, Risk Management at WePay John's Bio: John Canfield is the VP Product: Risk, Compliance and Experience at WePay, a Chase company. John helps protect platforms like GoFundMe,...
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Statistically, your company will be out of business in the next 10 years

There is an exponential drop curve of fortune 500 companies, running out of business, in the next 10 years. 40% of the F500 from 2007 are not in business anymore, today. In the following 10 years, 80% of the companies on todays F500 list will not exist, anymore. Most of them will extinct, because someone else, coming from a complete different industry will disrupt their markets, or has already done so and the still-in-business companies from today are just struggling another few years, before they have to close their doors. Pardon for being the bearer of this bad news. 

However, companies who manage to turn into an exponential organisations will very likely not appear on one of these sad lists. In 10 years from today, they will probably be doing something completely different, but they will still be around, shaping the future of their industry. 

Every month, I run Top Tier Management Inspiration Tours in the Silicon Valley to help my participants understand, what this information means for them (most of them already know, actually that this is happening) and how they can make sure, their organisation will keep on being successful. We meet up to 5 highly inspiring personalities in the Silicon Valley in a setting of max 10 participants per tour. I call this format "flipped conference". My role is to make sure you will have a conversation with someone helping you to develop a new perspective on your potential and to help you connect the dots. 

Further to this, we are running an Exponential Growth Strategies Workshop in every program.

Please let me know if you would be interested to apply as a Speaker we shall visit during the program or if you would like to attend one of the tours.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best, Niki



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Advances and lessons learned from BIM, Peru’s first mobile money wallet

Since its launch in February 2016, the Peruvian mobile wallet BIM has achieved important milestones and was called the world’s first fully-interoperable national mobile money platform. Let’s see what promising...
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Moderator - Michael Schuchardt - Protiviti - Bio

Michael Schuchardt, Managing Director and Financial Services Industry Lead for the West at Protiviti Michael's Bio: Michael is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Risk and Compliance Practice focusing on financial...
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Panelist - Jerry Chou - Lending Club - Bio

Jerry Chou, Compliance Director at Lending Club Jerry's Bio: Jerry serves as the compliance thought leader who heads the compliance organization at Lending Club. Which comprises of the Personal Loans,...
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Panelist - Swati Karandikar - LendUp - Bio

Swati Karandikar, Compliance Risk Manager at LendUp Swati's Bio: Swati Karandikar serves as a Compliance Risk Manager at LendUp where she supports the development and execution of the compliance function....
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Panelist - Vivienne Hsu - LENDonate - Bio

Vivienne Hsu, Founder and CEO at LENDonate Vivienne's Bio: Vivienne’s vision at LENDonate is to create a new ecosystem for nonprofit finances. This idea was a culmination of her 20+...
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Panelist - Alex Davidov - Core Innovation Capital - Bio

Alex Davidov, VP at Core Innovation Capital Alex's Bio: Alex is an investor with Core Innovation Capital, a fintech-focused venture capital fund. His career spans financial services and technology, as...
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The American Payments Market Set to be Transformed: AEVI Announced New General Manager North America

Paderborn, GERMANY – AEVI, a provider of an open ecosystem for secure transactions and value-added apps and services, appointed Jeff Dumbrell as General Manager North America, to lead the company’s...
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Cutting Edge Loyalty App Set to Empower Small Retail Merchants Thanks to AEVI and Welcome Real Time Partnership

London, Aix en Provence 29/11/16 – AEVI and Welcome Real Time, a Collinson Group Company, today announced their partnership to offer a new loyalty app solution on AEVI’s Global Marketplace....
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How Fintech is Boosting Financial Inclusion in Latin America

How Fintech  is Boosting Financial Inclusion in Latin America
Miami , July.   Business opportunities by mobile money based international remittances, P2P and micro payments are showing big potential in the Latin American market.  According to GSMA, mobile money based...
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Introduction - Brandon Lee - Consul General of Canada - Bio

Brandon Lee, Consul General of Canada Brandon's Bio: Mr. Brandon Lee was appointed as Consul General of Canada in 2015 with accreditation for northern California and Hawaii. Brandon Lee joined...
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Speaker - Laurence Cooke - nanoPay Corporation - Bio

Laurence Cooke, Founder and CEO at nanoPay Corporation Laurence's Bio: Laurence is founder and CEO of nanoPay Corporation, a SaaS business that provides loyalty and payments in a single use...
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Speaker - Didier Serra - SecureKey - Bio

Didier Serra - EVP, Sales & Marketing at SecureKey Didier's Bio: Didier Serra, EVP Sales & Marketing, leads all of SecureKey’s market facing activities including sales, channel partnerships, technology partnerships,...
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Blockstream - Company Profile and Video Presentation

Blockstream Blockstream is the first company extending capabilities at the protocol level to support the application of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to a broad range of asset types. Sidechains, a...
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