Happy New Year and First BayPay Event in 2013 - Loyalty Programs, Coupons and Mobility - Jan 17, 2013 - Palo Alto, CA


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BayPay Event: Loyalty Programs, Coupons and Mobility

January 17, 2013 - Wilson Sonsini - Palo Alto, CA

2012 is now behind us and we have identified several trends that will have a major impact on our industry in the future. To better prepare for these changes, we are organizing our first BayPay event of the year around "Customer Engagement" with several Silicon Valley companies focusing their business on solving this issue or disrupting this side of the business.

Among the companies confirmed, we have Leapset, Marqeta, You.Net and MoBeam.

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BayPay Event: Loyalty Programs, Coupons and Mobility
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