Enacomm Enhances the Ingo Money Consumer Experience with Efficient Customer Self-Service

Customers of the Ingo Money mobile check cashing service can now quickly and easily find answers to their account and transaction questions using a new self-service system developed by Enacomm, Inc., the companies today announced. Enacomm is a leading provider of intelligent customer interactions solutions and security technology for the financial industry.

With the Ingo Money service, consumers and small business owners who need instant access to their money can take a photo of a paper check and submit it for approval and real-time funding by a national bank to almost any bank account, prepaid card, credit card or online payment account. Now, with Ingo Money’s new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system deployed by Enacomm, these customers can immediately access enrollment assistance, account information and transaction status, without waiting to speak with a customer service representative.

“The Ingo Money service is bringing personal and business payments into the 21st century by digitizing the paper check industry,” commented Enacomm Chief Executive Officer Michael Boukadakis. “Ingo Money is working with Enacomm to make real-time, intelligent customer self-service a reality, complementing its no-wait approach to check cashing and further enhancing its next-generation offering.” 

Enacomm provides advanced, intelligent customer service technologies. The company’s self-service and assisted-service IVR solutions help organizations cut costs, improve brand loyalty and increase customer retention. Its sophisticated systems and services reliably process spoken, data and touch-tone requests in real-time.

With the Ingo Money service, consumers can cash paychecks, business checks and personal checks—anytime, anywhere—right from their mobile devices. If a check is approved, users can choose to receive their money in minutes, as good as cash and safe to spend in their bank account, online payment account or on their prepaid card. They can also choose to pay credit card bills, or split their check funds across multiple accounts.

After Ingo Money customers authenticate by phone, they can interact with the IVR by following simple prompts. Users can inquire on the spot about their most recent transaction, get help with accessing their account, learn more about challenge messages that they are receiving when using the Ingo Money App, or hear more information about the Ingo Money service.

“Enacomm has made the design and implementation of an effective customer self-service solution simple. Their team of experts acts as consultants, not just order takers, which was incredibly beneficial for us,” shared Janice Walker, senior vice president, Customer Support, Ingo Money. “Ingo Money is committed to delivering a positive customer experience, and rapid self-servicing is an important component of the value and convenience we bring to customers.”