Cisco on Cybersecurity: Targeting Optimal Protection

Governance , Incident & Breach Response , IT Risk Management

Mark Weir Talks Threats, Skills Development and Incident Response Priorities(euroinfosec) • June 19, 2019     Mark Weir, director of cybersecurity for U.K. and Ireland, Cisco

Cybersecurity truism: Defending organizations against attackers is more challenging than ever. "The complexity and sophistication of the threats has increased," says Mark Weir, Cisco's director of cybersecurity for the U.K. and Ireland. "What we're seeing a lot of at the moment as well is intellectual property theft."

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Organizations, however, face numerous challenges when attempting to battle online attacks, including the need to constantly recruit more cybersecurity personnel as well as address difficult business questions regarding prioritizing defenses.

In a video interview at the recent Infosecurity Europe conference, Weir discusses:

Recent threats, including NotPetya, intellectual property theft and emerging malware; Businesses' security priorities and how they're changing; The cybersecurity skills challenge and Cisco's efforts to help.

Weir, director of cybersecurity for U.K. and Ireland at Cisco, has more than 25 years of IT experience. He previously worked at Fortinet and F5 Networks, and he has extensive experience in the data center and application development worlds.