Quest Payment Systems to make Zip available at retail terminals

zipMoney Limited (ASX: ZML) (“Zip”, “zipMoney”, or the “Company”) is delighted to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Quest Payment Systems Pty Ltd (Quest), a leading provider of payment terminals, payment infrastructure and retail technology.

Under the terms of the partnership, Quest will offer zipPay acceptance across its entire Australian network of merchants, including multi-store chain retail, petrol stations, pharmacies, grocery and public transport systems. This will extend Zip’s current reach of 5,900 merchants into new and important everyday spend categories.
The partnership will see the integration of zipPay as a payment option, making Zip accessible to existing and new merchants through Quest’s range of payment terminals. Merchants and consumers alike will benefit from a frictionless integration, allowing both parties to seamlessly engage with Zip's flexible and transparent payment platform.

Larry Diamond, zipMoney Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer said:
"Our partnership with Quest marks a major milestone in Zip’s evolution into the go-to payment choice for everyday spend. Quest’s nationwide network will give millions of consumers the choice to use Zip when purchasing their daily needs. We are proud to bring something new - Zip's fair, transparent and convenient payment option into Quest’s payment terminals that consumers use everyday.”

Quest’s Head of Alternative Payments, Luke Fuller, believes Zip is integral to Quest’s strategy to provide in-store payment methods that don’t rely on traditional card scheme networks:
“We are delighted to provide zipPay as an alternative payment option for Quest merchants. The in-store experience has been designed to empower the customer to choose their preferred payment method on a Quest payment terminal - either pay by debit / credit card or select zipPay.

Enabling zipPay acceptance on Quest terminals will be provided by an update to terminal software, using a merchant’s existing update process. For point-of-sale (POS) software already integrated with Quest, the addition of zipPay will not require any change to existing POS software, allowing merchants to begin accepting zipPay quickly.

The partnership leverages the core capabilities of each organisation, Larry Diamond comments:
“As an established Australian fintech, Quest has an extensive network of merchants and a history innovating payment acceptance solutions. Zip simplifies the way you pay and save. Meshing our capabilities together will provide a powerful solution to both merchants and consumers, giving us a great opportunity to make Zip an everyday payment choice.”

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