Bank of America introduces digital debit card

June 27, 2019

Bank of America has rolled out a digital debit card in its mobile banking app. 

Although customers use it similar to how they use physical debit cards, the digital card allows them to pay in stores, via apps and online using a mobile wallet, the company said in a press release. Customers may also use the card to get cash and make deposits at Bank of America's cardless ATMs.

If a customer needs a new card or a replacement debit card — in the event they lose their existing one — they can request a digital debit card through their mobile app and use it instantly, rather than having to wait up to a week for their permanent card to arrive.

Bank of America is also rolling out a service called Mobile Orders, which will allow customers to order foreign currency through their mobile app. They can have the money delivered to their home, or if they are traveling internationally, they may choose a bank where they want to pick it up. The mobile app tracks delivery and sends out notifications. 

Small business customers also can use the service to preorder bills and coins in the denomination they need and also select a bank for pick up and track orders with real-time alerts and updates. 

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