Welcome to The BayPay Lounge


It is a Sales Pitch!

As a startup, you are familiar with elevator pitches and 3 to 5 minutes investor pitches.

We are not about that here.

You are here to sell your product or services to potential customers or partners.


We are launching a new program to bring more exposure to what startups and established companies are working on in 2019. Companies will present to bring more awareness to themselves and bring the payments, fintech and commerce community together to learn about the new trends and companies in the space.

Two new companies will present every week to our wide network of members online, here you will give a presentation, a demonstration of your company and answer any questions online.

Those who qualify:
> US Series A+ funded startups or established companies
> Foreign Series A+ funded startups or established company
> Seed Stage founder
Don’t miss the opportunity to reach over 17,000+ business executives, venture capitalists, vice presidents, directors, etc. Our network wants to know more about your company, your vision and more!
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