PayKademy Workshops: Only 2 Weeks Away


How do you learn about the different payment ecosystems? Learning about payments is usually done on the job, but what happens if you make a costly mistake? PayKademy is here with an easy solution!

What is PayKademy?

PayKademy is a new school where business professionals can learn about the fundamentals of payments. We first launched at Money2020 last year and were part of the Money2020 agenda with a 90-minute session speaking about Globetrot Commerce. The session focused on payments in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. With this, we were able to change the way business executives understood payments in those countries.

Today, we are always working on new ways to bring more courses to you and are happy to announce that we are launching two new full-day boot camps in Downtown San Francisco in June:

June 10th - Deep Dive into Electronic Payments Acquiring Focus - US

June 11th - Customer Due Diligence and AML Compliance


We are also delighted to announce our new spring online courses: 



Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies:

Innovation and Strategy:

For more information about PayKademy, please visit our website at: