Panelist - Chackan Lai - Visa Inc. - Bio

Chackan Lai, Vice President - Global Product and Innovation Risk at Visa Inc.

Chackan's Bio:

Chackan is an experienced payments industry executive, having been with Visa since2003. In his current role as Vice President of Global Product and Innovation Risk, Chackan is responsible for leading analysis of new and emerging technologies such as blockchain, digital fiat currency, and IoT, with a focus on evaluating their impact on Visa and the broader payments ecosystem. In prior years, he co-led the initiative that set the U.S. on its path to EMV deployment.

He has represented Visa in numerous standards organizations, including ANSI, ISO, and the PCI Council, and has helped develop numerous industry standards ranging from the Payment Application Data Security Standards to the Card Production and Provisioning Logical Security Standards. More recently, he was instrumental in the development of the PCI Software Based PIN Entry on COTS Device standards that were published in early 2018.

Prior to joining Visa, Chackan worked in Asia and the UK, bringing with him extensive expertise and experience in Information Security at both the strategic and implementation level. Chackan is a Computer Engineering graduate of NanyangTechnological University in Singapore and also holds a Masters of Science in Information Security from the Royal Holloway College, University of London.