Causes Of Credit Card Chargebacks?

Chargebacks are the most common thing which happens when customers files against the purchase of the merchandise. Customers really need merchandise for free always, but the merchant should play tactfully and introspect the situation, and fight calmly. 

 Credit Card And Chargeback?

Once the card is swiped the money gets deducted without any fail, but what if the customers refuse for the purchase of the merchandising this is what most commonly customers do. 

There are many things which a customer does 

1. Refusing About The Merchandising Purchased. 

2. Intentional Chargeback. (Friendly Fraud)

3. Technical Problem. 

4.Transportation Issues.

5. Denial Situation.


A. Refusing About The Merchandising Purchased.

 This situation happens when the purchase is made by some other person in the family, against the notice of the cardholder. This is the situation where the merchant wins the case. 

B. Intentional Chargeback.

Chargebacks which is done with the intention of getting the money back with the merchandise itself. This Situation is very much problematic for the merchant itself as he cannot say no to anything because his reputation will suffer and he has to anyways bear the loss. 

C. Technical Problem 

The situation happens when the amount is deducted for no use it occurs when the amount gets out of the pocket. It's a sort of technical glitch. 

D.  Transportation Issues.

A merchant cant sit and come along with the merchandising to the door of the customer.He/she has to sell the product with the surface mode or with the air mode which suits the most. Sometimes the product gets damaged and the merchant cant helps it out he has to bear the loss. He has to keep in mind about transportation which is safe for the product. 

E. Denial Situation. 

Subscription charges once cancelled but still, the amount is deducted merchant has to bow down in front of the customer.


These are the situation which a  merchant has to face and no merchant has time to fight with this situation he anyways pays the money off to the customer which is very harmful and hence every merchant has to go for the services which may help them to fight a lot. 

Chargebacks need to be handled very carefully and hence they need good treatment so that they won't come back again.