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B2B Lending & Payments - October 19, 2017 - San Francisco, CA
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B2B Lending & Payments


October 19, 2017

5:00PM to 8:00PM



Hosted by: l'Atelier BNP Paribas



2415 Third Street, Suite 231 San Francisco, CA 94107





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With a market size of $18.5 trillion in the US in 2016 and an estimated $150 trillion of cross-border payments, B2B Payments represent a huge opportunity that has been slow to change in the recent years. The percentage of business payments made by checks was still over 50% last year decreasing regularly year over year from a staggering 81% in 2004.

This market has not been disrupted yet because of the complexity of B2B Payments processes even if it is still a top pain point for sellers and buyers. The process of paying suppliers is still cumbersome and costly, involving invoicing and long periods of wait, and going through multiple banks and systems.

BayPay is organizing this event to highlight the business opportunities in the space and introduce some innovative solutions as we are starting seeing a change in this complex market.

We have invited CEOs of several established startups so attendees will be able to interact and ask questions. We didn't invite any blockchain company for this event as it is a little too early for them in our opinion to play a major role but we continue following their progress and will invite them for this type of event when we feel they start being representative.

Feel free to invite colleagues and friends who could be interested.

We hope you can make it to this event and feel free to spread the word.

This event is FREE for Business Members ($24.99/month).
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5:00 PM Registration
6:00 PM Announcement
6:10 PM Presentation from the Panelists
6:25 PM  Panel Discussion
  Rob Frohwein, CEO and Co-Founder at Kabbage
  Rajesh Shakkarwar, President and CEO at Verient
  Candace Sjogren, Head of Alternative Lending at Marqeta, Inc
  Panel moderated by Daniel Chatelain, Managing Director at The BayPay Forum
8:00 PM End of Session


Rob Frohwein

CEO and Co-Founder at Kabbage

In 2008, Rob Frohwein recognized that companies like eBay offered automated access to small business transaction data via APIs. Rob realized small businesses can simply share this data to allow underwriters to make better, faster credit decisions and provide a great user experience. He co-founded Kabbage in Atlanta, Georgia to leverage this power of real-time data automation through technology and has since expanded the business to serve all small businesses throughout the U.S. In the U.S., Kabbage has provided $3.5 billion to 100,000 customers. In addition, Kabbage has licensed its technology to large, global banks such as ING, Santander and Scotiabank so they can provide the same experience to their small business customers and Kabbage’s technology now powers automated small business lending in Australia, Spain, the U.K., Canada and Mexico. Kabbage has been recognized for its technology and innovation with awards from CNBC, Inc., Forbes and Fast Company and named one of Glassdoor’s 2017 Best Places to Work for companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Before founding Kabbage, Rob established, led and/or advised several successful businesses, including LAVA Group, U.S. Micro Corporation (acquired by Arrow Electronics) and Surgical Biologics (acquired by MiMedx). Additionally, he led business development and legal for ZapMedia and Security First Network Bank (SFNB), the first truly online bank. Prior to SFNB, Rob practiced corporate and intellectual property law with Troutman Sanders LLP. He is the listed inventor on seven United States Patents, a co-author of three books on intellectual property and has been recognized four times as one of the top 300 intellectual property strategists globally by Intellectual Asset Magazine.

As Kabbage expands and continues to support more small businesses, Rob ensures the company maintains great conviction to its vision, as well as a unique culture and considerable laughter quotient. One of his favorite small businesses is ACME Farms + Kitchen, an online food purveyor that Rob admires for their efficiency and ingenuity in creating interesting and delicious meals.

Rob Frohwein

Rajesh Shakkarwar

President and CEO at Verient

Rajesh is a visionary with a distinguished track record. He holds thirty-three issued and pending patents for his tokenization, security, payments and computing inventions. Rajesh's 30 years of diverse experience includes executive positions at Sun Microsystems and ATI technologies as well as senior positions in marketing and engineering at Intel and Opti. During his tenure at ATI and Sun, Rajesh created start-up business units and grew them from conception to $300 million and $500 million in revenues respectively.

Rajesh is revolutionizing the world of payments by combining modern technologies – cloud, mobile and distributed computing - with the existing payment infrastructure. His innovations include:

  • Tokenization
  • Automated, efficient business to business payments
  • Control of payments in real-time, anytime, anywhere
  •  Customer-driven fraud prevention framework
  • Through his strategic thinking and exceptional execution, Rajesh also transformed the worldwide landscape of computing, gaming and the video industries.
  • Rajesh invented and evangelized Unified Memory Architecture in the early nineties. Today it is the backbone of over 70% of all computers shipped worldwide, and it is credited for the broad adoption of consumer gaming.
  • Rajesh is widely credited for the paradigm shift in enterprise computing to the high performing 64-bit architecture through the Sun-AMD alliance he envisioned and executed in 2003.
  • Rajesh chaired several DVD standards committees and played a key role in DVD standardization as well as its broad deployment.

A powerful speaker, Rajesh has delivered keynote and expert speeches at more than 25 major US and international industry conferences and has eleven publications.

Rajesh Shakkarwar

Candace Sjogren

Head of Alternative Lending at Marqeta, Inc

Candace Sjogren is the Head of Alternative Lending for Marqeta, a modern issuer/processor of prepaid, virtual and credit solutions for on demand services, e-commerce providers and alternative lenders. Candace formerly founded and managed CXO Solutions, a management consulting firm that operated as an active “Executive in Residence” or member among the C-suite with each of the companies they served.

In this role, Candace has served as Executive Vice President at ValueOne, a small business financial services provider, offering small business owners access to working capital solutions, insurance, payroll processing, merchant services and investment advice; and as Chief Strategy Officer at PlanetTogether (, a leader in supply chain planning, scheduling, optimization and analytics, at Dealstruck (, an online lending platform that provides loans and lines of credit to small business borrowers, LoanHero (, an online marketplace lender for consumer loans at the merchant point of sale, and the NAD Treatment Center, San Diego, a cutting-edge addiction recovery clinic utilizing NAD to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol..

Prior to CXO and ValueOne, Candace was the founder and CEO of two fin-tech companies, where she raised several million dollars in venture funding.

Candace co-authored the legislation that became the JOBS Act in 2012, then chaired the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, the industry advocacy group for platforms and broker dealers affected by the JOBS Act. Candace continues to serve as and investor and General Counsel for Women Investing in Women, a global NGO focused on increasing access to capital for female entrepreneurs.

Candace Sjogren received her bachelor degree in Communications and law degree from Northern Kentucky University, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband.



Daniel Chatelain

Managing Director at The BayPay Forum

Daniel Chatelain is a serial entrepreneur focused on innovation in payments, commerce and Fintech. He sits on the board of directors or advisors of emerging companies and is a mentor at 500 Startups. He started The BayPay Forum to help foster innovation in payment and commerce.

The BayPay Forum is a member based organization that gathers today over 14,000 executives from thousands of companies and that organizes events for its members to understand the new trends in innovation in payments and commerce in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Paris, London and Luxembourg. Prior to that, Daniel was CEO, President & COO of companies he started as an entrepreneur or within the Lagardere (Elle, Woman’s Day, Car & Driver, Hachette, Canal Satellite) and Airbus Industries group (Airbus, Ariane, Eurocopter) and Vice President of a VC backed companies giving him a wide experience of growing companies domestically and internationally in the banking, telecom and interactive media industries as an entrepreneur, corporate or VC backed senior executive.

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Location l'Atelier BNP Paribas 2415 Third Street, Suite 231 San Francisco, CA 94107

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