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Los Angeles Innovation Demo Breakfast - October 13, 2017 - El Segundo, CA
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Los Angeles Innovation Demo Breakfast


October 13, 2017

8:30AM to 11:30AM



Hosted by: Kinecta



Kinecta Federal Credit Union, 2100 Park Place, El Segundo, CA 90245





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Fintech and Payments Innovations are going full speed while opportunities abound in a space thirsty for change.

In this breakfast event hosted by Kinecta, we have invited 9 CEOs of startups that will present and demo their products/services. This will give a good sense also of the level of activity in the space in Southern California as most of these companies are located there.

If you are an executive at an established company, an angel investor or Venture capitalist or someone looking for new opportunities or ideas, this event is for you.

As space is limited, the event will be broadcast live directly on the BayPay Forum website so more people can watch the event and even ask questions remotely. The Videos will be available later as well and are FREE for all Online Members who can have access to all our archive videos and Live Streamed events around the world.

Attending this event is open to the public and is FREE for all Business Member level.

Feel free to spread the word around you to colleagues and friends who could be interested.


Parking details:

Note: Kinecta has two corporate buildings.

BayPay Event will take place at: 2100 Park Place El Segundo, CA 90245

Parking will be available for FREE at the main building: 1440 Rosecrans Ave Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

The buildings are across the street from each other but they lie in 2 separate cities


1. Park at the main branch on Rosecrans.

2. Walk across the street to the building next to McCormick and Schmick. The receptionist at the building will admit you..



This event is FREE for Business Members ($24.99/month).
The Live Streaming and its video archive of this event is FREE for Online Members ($34.99/month).




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8:30 AM Registration  
9:30 AM Announcement  
9:40 AM 5min presentation from 9 Start-Up companies  
  Julian Kopald, CEO and Founder at 1FX Pay Preseed
  Khellar Crawford, Founder and CEO at Preseed
  Shadab Rahil, Co-Founder and Joint CEO at Payment24 Preseed
  Elan Mevasse, CEO at VRAY Seed < $1M
  Brian Ley, CEO and Founder at Alpharank Seed < $1M
  Bam Azizi, CTO and Co-founder at NoPassword Seed > $1M
  Sesie Bonsi, Founder and CEO at Bleu Seed > $1M
  Adam Neff, Founder and CEO at Ledge Seed > $1M
  Francis König, CEO/CTO at Clout Seed > $1M
  Introduction by Daniel Chatelain, Managing Director at the BayPay Forum  
10:45 AM Q & A  
11:00 AM Networking  
11:30 AM End of Session  

1FX Pay


1FX Pay is a B2B marketplace offering FDIC insured bank accounts and digital storefronts with built-in invoicing, instant payments, and same day wire transfers.

We make it easy for businesses to setup a storefront, find partners, suppliers, and vendors within the marketplace and get business done.

1fxpay reduces day to day financial maintenance by providing users with a highly customizable platform to passively automate good money habits. The app acts like a virtual assistant who handles your savings, payments to friends, and donations to causes. It checks real-time bank activity and knows if, when, and how much money to transfer based on personalized rules and priorities. also offers enterprise accounts to businesses and nonprofits seeking additional ways to close financial commitments from would-be patrons.

Learn more at





Payment24 is a fuel payment and fuel management platform that provides fleet operators complete security & control over their fuel expense while decreasing the acceptance costs for fuel retailers. Payment24 reduces fuel expense by automating the fuel dispensing and payment process for fleet vehicles. We eliminate the hassle of managing, monitoring and controlling fleet fuelling transactions using real-time mobile, cloud and sensor technologies.





VRAY is a payments software company that has developed a distributed payment platform that provides security and ease of use. VRAY delivers secure, heterogeneous, omni-channel payment solutions to merchants and merchant service providers. This includes existing on-line, ATM and emerging voice, home, car and beacon transaction points. The platform reduces fraud with a password-free simple integration into existing merchant and processor infrastructure.





Alpharank helps banks and credit unions take advantage of the trick T-Mobile used to cut their churn by 50% in a single quarter.

More specifically, we build APIs that help financial institutions reinvent their historical transaction data as predictive social graph data.

alpharank logo




NoPassword offers the next generation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that substitute passwords with Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication (H2MFA). Instead of using static passwords, NoPassword uses local biometric authentication (Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Iris and Behavior) on the user’s smartphone then extracts hidden features from the phone, without interrupting the user. NoPassword Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven authentication also offers adaptive and contextual authentication for continuously authenticated the user based on behavior, risk based, and granular access management. NoPassword does not store any credentials (passwords or biometrics) on a centralized database nor requires users to manually enter credentials. This means there are no servers with passwords or biometrics for remote cyber attackers to steal millions of users’ credentials. Since users don’t need to manually enter credentials, NoPassword eliminates attacks, such as phishing, social engineering and key-loggers, which primarily target passwords..

no password




Bleu uses Bluetooth technology to consciously harness data in order to deliver enhanced mobile payment experiences for people. In the payment experience, Bleu believes the world would be a better place if peoples purchases and purchasing habits were aligned with the merchants and products that align with their values. Using predictive analytics and machine learning, the commerce funnel becomes a mechanism for establishing meaningful relationships and engagement between merchants and their customers, speeding up checkout, and increasing revenue. Our goal is to simplify the experience by leveraging contextual and behavioral intelligence, where Bleu leads transactions to help achieve a seamless experience, across all channels and devices. That’s Conscious Commerce. That’s Bleu.




Ledge opens up smart options for timely financing through a white-label instant credit gateway that supports a range of top alternative lenders and seamlessly integrates with existing web/mobile/POS services to dramatically simplify pre-qualification, approval, and funding for small dollar consumer loans. With an open API, highly customizable native mobile SDKs, integrated ID/income verification, and support for instant disbursement to debit/prepay cards, the Ledge platform makes financing a value added feature for our channel partners and provides a high quality customer acquisition channel for lenders in our network.





Instantly supercharge all your credit and debit cards!

CLOUT’s card linked reward system can be activated on virtually any account, credit card, or debit card with one click to seamlessly process an additional layer of merchant funded cash back and perks to any digital account.

CLOUT is integrated with 19,000 of the world's largest banks, currently has over 1,200 participating merchants offering 5% to 50% on every purchase, and has processed more than $100,000,000 in total aggregated transactions.

Card holders can enroll in CLOUT’s free program directly via or via their issuing financial institution (for those institutions who have enrolled in CLOUT’s bank link program


Julian Kopald

CEO and Founder at 1FX Pay

Julian Kopald is the CEO and Founder of 1FX Pay. He holds a BA from Hunter College, an MBA from Metropolitan College of New York, has lived in 9 countries, and loves a good challenge and adventure.

Julian began his career in AdTech and on Wall Street, where he optimized revenue at large Ad Networks, pioneered social CRM, and became one of the first 5 regular contributors to the Daily Crux, a leading global financial digest. In 2007, Julian co-founded the corporation where he built the largest social network dedicated to endurance athletes and managed the marketing, vision, and growth strategies of the now world famous Peak and Spartan Race series and lifestyle brands.


Julian Kopald

Khellar Crawford

Founder and CEO at

Khellar Crawford is a lifelong entrepreneur, developer, and designer with over 16 years of expertise in UX, branding, management, and marketing. He co-founded his first multi-million dollar internet company when he was 23; co-founded Stonefly Press, an award-winning fly fishing book publishing company with products currently in COSTCO stores; and worked with Microsoft as a creative producer on a project to simulate the future of 3D web browsing. Khellar is passionate about creating simple technological solutions to everyday problems.


Khellar Crawford

Shadab Rahil

Co-Founder and Joint CEO at Payment24

Shadab Rahil is the Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Payment24. Shadab has been working in the Petroleum sector for past 15 years mostly focusing on the fuel payment space. Shadab has worked on various fuel payment platforms during his previous roles at Petrol companies. It was during this time along with the other cofounder Nolan Daniel, they identified a clear need in the market to develop Payment24 which would address this growing gap in the fuel card market. They have successfully managed to launch Payment24 in 7 countries and are growing the company rapidly across the continent and now are expanding to US.


Shadab Rahil

Elan Mevasse



Elan Mevasse of the CEO of VRAY which is a software payments company that enables merchants and merchant service providers to enable more fluid, more secure payments.

Elan believes that the current state of the current payments industry can be improved to augmenting the best elements of the existing payments infrastructure.

Elan has worked a variety of firms in the financial services sector including Wells Fargo and Intuit. He has managed the full profitability for debit and credit card portfolios. In addition he has managed focused much of his career in innovation where he launched digital wallets and piloted various projects including card free ATM and mobile loyalty programs.

Elan holds a BA from UCLA and an MBA from the Middlebury Institute.

Elan Mevasse

Brian Ley

CEO and Founder at Alpharank

Brian Ley is the CEO and Founder of Alpharank. Alpharank helps banks and credit unions monetize their data by turning transaction data into social influence data. He has always been fascinated with how viruses, behavior, trends, and emotions travel through human networks. Alpharank publicly launched in April 2017 at Finovate where it was voted best new technology by over 1000 bankers. Brian was then listed in June as one of the "Top Innovators in Banking to Watch" alongside the CEO of Plaid and CTO of Ripple. The seemingly fast rise to success is actually a 6-year story of persistence in the face of countless signs to quit.



Bam Azizi

CTO and Co-founder at NoPassword

Bam Azizi is the CTO and co-founder of WiActs Inc., a cyber security startup and the company behind Prior to joining NoPassword, he was working on his PhD at Technical University of Munich, and also held a research associate position at John Hopkins University. In several research projects, he has gained experience running research and development labs with over 30 researchers, scientists, and software developers.

Bam has more than ten years of experience in designing and building complex software driven products. As a computer scientist with a deep knowledge and experience in cyber security, cryptography, and machine learning, Bam designed the architecture and backbone of a complex software driven system that provides a highly available modern authentication service to enterprises - NoPassword.

Bam worked closely with his development team, partners and customers to build the next generation of Identity and Access Management solution. Bam and his team continue to work on the biggest challenge in cyber security industry which is replacing traditional password-based authentication. NoPassword, replaces passwords with human factors like biometrics, which prevents 85% of today’s cyber-attacks.


Bam Azizi

Sesie Bonsi

Founder and CEO at Bleu

Sesie Bonsi is the Founder and CEO of Bleu. Sesie Bonsi is an attorney with 10 years of experience in mobile technology and infrastructure including but not limited to global telecommunications regulations, mobile payment systems and financial regulations, m-commerce and social commerce regulations. He has dedicated his professional life to serving entrepreneurs and using technology to create new opportunities for commerce.


Sesie Bonsi

Adam Neff

Founder and CEO at Ledge 



Adam Neff is an experienced entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the consumer social and mobile technology sector. He has founded four venture-backed companies and served on the executive team at Tuenti Technologies, a prominent Spanish social communications platform that was acquired by Telefonica in 2010 for $100MM.

Adam Neff

Francis König

CEO/CTO at Clout


Began working with applied A.I. and Quantitative Modeling over 20 years ago at one of the first hedge funds to apply the discipline.

Has been building & operating companies in the fin, mar and tech space for the past 20 years.


francis könig






Location Kinecta Federal Credit Union, 2100 Park Place, El Segundo, CA 90245

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Friday 13 October 2017, 08:30am - 11:30am
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